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The Toddler Times, Issue #004 -- Happy 4th of July!!
July 03, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July! Summer is getting started and we are having so much FUN! My little boy lives in his swimming pool and sandbox. Is there an easier way to get sand out of his hair? It seems that more sand ends up in his hair than his bucket...LOL:) Oh well, we survive and just keep having more Summer Fun! In this month's E-zine we have some exciting news to share.!

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Happy 4th of July! Issue 004

Table of Contents for this issue:

  • Summer INDOOR Activities.... In case you have a few rainy days. These are great to keep the kids busy.
  • The Greatest "FREE" Activity to do with your toddler this Summer. That's right Free and also FUN!
  • Our recipe this month is a Fun snack idea "Bugs On The Log".
  • Contest News! The August Contest is announced......

So let's get started.............

Summer INDOOR Activities

You know how it can be whether it is either a rainy day or it gets to be too HOT and the kids want to be in the house. I have got some great tips on some FUN activities for all children to enjoy indoors.

* Paper Golf *

Materials Needed:

  • Construction paper or newspaper
  • Tape
  • Golf or tennis balls
  • Styrofoam cups or plastic cups


  1. Make golf clubs for each player by rolling up several sheets of newspaper or (you may use construction paper) and taping them securely.
  2. Put the Styrofoam cups in different areas of the house that will serve as the “holes”.
  3. Use your golf club to try to roll the ball to the hole.

* Bake Cookies *

One of the best fun activities for toddlers is baking cookies. My toddler loves to help me bake cookies. Of course it can be more of a mess but who cares. They will be learning and having fun at the same time.

* Indoor Camping *

We all know this one. It was so much fun growing up and making a tent out of blankets and chairs. However now, you can buy those indoor pop tents for the kids that fit right in your living room. These are nice! The old fashioned way all you'll need is a couple of chairs and a blanket. My toddler will play for hours like this. Make a “pretend campfire". Shut off the televisions. Fun activities for toddlers can take place in their imaginations. Allow them to come up with great ideas on their own. Buy a sound machine or an outdoor sounds CD to make it more realistic!!! The great part moms and dads is there are no mosquitoes or bugs. YEAH!! So bring out the sleeping bags and have FUN! For some other FUN indoor activities than you can check out this page on

The Greatest "FREE" Activity For Toddlers is.........

YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY. This is fantastic!! I love the library. So does my son. There are so many different toddler activities that can take place at the library. It is amazing how many moms and dads do not utilize this resource.

  • Toddler Classes and Movies. Check your local library for any toddler activities or classes taking place. Our library has toddler Lap Sit classes. In these classes the parent attends with their child. There so are different toddler activities. From storytelling to craft making. It is a blast and your toddler has loads of fun!! Check with your branch and see what they are offering. They have movies once a month for kids. It is a great time for you and your toddler and the best part is that it is …………FREE of charge.
  • Get a Library Card. I was truly amazed that you do not have to check out only books. The library has a great toddler toys section. Your toddler can check out toys, or hard wooden trains, and puzzles and anything you can imagine. This is Fantastic! Especially if your toddler gets bored with their toys easily. You can stimulate their minds with different toys. It is great!! These are great toddler activities and the best part is they are…………Free of charge.
  • Read Books!! Spend a few hours at the library reading books. Most libraries have a wonderful section for children. It has a big comfy couch with stuffed animals and you can just spend time reading to your toddler. They can read and look at books too!! My son loves to go to the library. It gets you and your child out of the house for a few hours. Again, I have to say it again this is………FREE of charge.
  • Rent some kids movies………. For FREE. You can get Disney movies and just any kind. I let my son pick them out himself. We bring the movie home and have a movie night. We make popcorn and it is a really nice time. You don’t have to go to a video store and pay for a movie. The library has lots of good movies. So have a great time!!

So support your local library. They also offer special Summer Activities so check it out!

Toddler Recipe for "Bugs on A Log"...Yummy

"Bugs On A Log"


Peanut Butter
and Raisins

Description: Take the piece of celery and spread peanut butter on it. Have the kids place the raisins on the celery to look like bugs!!! These recipes for toddlers are the best!

Hint: If your toddler doesn’t like raisins than try substituting tiny chocolate chips!!

I must admit these are really good! You will have Fun making them and eating them with your kids!

Our July Contest Is Here!

Come on Moms and Dads, we want to hear all the details. This month we want to hear the best traveling story. I know you have lots to share. While traveling with your toddler, was it the worst experience ever? Did you swear to yourself that you would never do it again until your child turns 16? LOL.. It may have been a funny great experience and we want to hear those too! I want to hear all the stories, and so do my readers! Your story will be an actual page on my site for the world to read so start sending me these great stories. I will also feature your story in next month's e-zine. Everyone who submits will get a FREE E-bay Buying and Selling guide that I wrote. It is a $12.00 value. It is filled with some valuable money making secrets!! So Click here to start telling your stories!

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July! Join us next month with more exciting Toddler Times News!

Join us next month when our August 2009 e-zine will feature:

  • Traveling With Toddlers on vacation this summer? I have some really great tips if you are traveling by plane or by car!
  • I will feature TWO Summer recipes to do with the kids.. "Worms In The Dirt" and "Fish on The Hook".
  • Our July contest winners will be revealed and our August contest will be announced!

Take Care and I ask for Blessings to be poured over you and your family! Enjoy your 4th and see you next month....

Ingrid :)

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