Abbagail Louise Bennett 3 Years Old

by Amanda
(Goodspring Tn 38460)

Abby Loo is My Angel and a Very strong hearted little 3 year old! She was born on Valentines Day of 2008, which came by a surprise, she wasn't due until end of April she came about 2 1/2 months early and we had some complications and stayed in the hospital for awhile but she was soooo determined and I new then I had me a Gift from God and very Strong, Determined, Smart, Precious,and beautiful baby girl!

Now she is as healthy as can be and thinks she already grown and little miss. prissy, she loves to play dress up and have tea party's, and her baby-dolls she is there little mommy! Then she has aside of tom boy where she likes to get up and go out on the farm with her daddy and ride the tractor, water the plants, rake,and all that fun stuff that gets you all dirty and muddy!!

She is a true blessing to me and everyone she meets bc she never meets a stranger and loves to get to know other people and the way they are! All i can say is her father and I are very blessed to have a daughter as wonderful as her! We Love You Abby Loo!

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