Avriey Daywn Dixon 2 years old

by jessie dixon
(apache, ok, usa)

being simply amazing !!!

being simply amazing !!!

Avriey is a very energetic two year that loves to be outside and playing in the water! She has also found a love for animals, domestic ones such as dogs, cats ect..., and also a love for farm animals! She loves to dress up and play with her friends and cousins when ever the chance is there.

She also is very polite and bright for a two year old! Avriey has a birthday coming up in august and is excited about turning three! She is also proud to pronounce that she is fully potty trained and will tell you she is a big girl! She loves her grandparents and will follow them everywhere! Please choose her this would be a great birthday present for me to give her! I hope everyone likes her pics and thank you for looking at her and reading about her!!!!

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