Darren 10 Months Old

by Evelyn
(Athens, GA, USA)

My son is the liveliest child i have ever known. For someone who works with children, my son, Darren in extraordinary.

Everyday i watch him dance to all sorts of music, attempt to sing, and run back and forth across the room as we play hide and seek (his favorite game!)

He is extremely energetic and loves chicken and bananas (not at the same time of course but anytime really:))

He loves to say, mama, dada and nana and right now loves to watch chuck and friends and listen to me read him the Dr. Seuss books.

I know my son is beyond handsome, with two dimples he has a smile that will take the misery out of everyone"s day and light up a room.

My baby boy is very intelligent and has the brightest as ever seen.

He is a wonderful boy, and i couldn't have been more blessed to have the privilege of being his one and only mother!


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