De'Sire Lewis Age 3

by Kdrian Lewis
(Richmond, Va USA)

Ms black and white

Ms black and white

Desire is a fighter, when she was 18 months my husband and I wonder why De'Sire would eat but never gain any weight. we took her to see her doctor on a regular check- up and what we thought was a basic appointment.turn out to be another story.

We were told by the doctor that De'Sire has a hole in her heart. on may 27 2009 De'Sire was addmitted to the hosiptal to have open heart surgery at 18 months. her surgery last for five hours and when it was all done she came out breathing on your her own.

She stay in the hospital for a week and came home friday. my husband and I were told if we would've have waited any longer she would'nt be her today. during the surgery the doctor only thought he had to close the hole in her heart, but it was something different.

She never had a hole in a heart, she had two arteries going to the left side of heart. which lead to an abnormal heart. but today she's a healthy three year old. who's look like her daddy and brighten up the room when she smiles.

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