Destiny Amber Goncalves Rodrigues Age 2

by Michelle Goncalves
(North Arlington, NJ)

Destiny is a blessing in the sky - she is so full of life and a true sweetheart - she is lovable and polite. Has a wild imagination and is all about the hugs and kisses.

She is shy at first but once gets to know you she opens up and lets you in. She is a gem and hast he warmest heart and will take your breath away. Very intelligent and has the knowledge of a 5 year old.

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Destiny Amber Goncalves Rodrigues
by: TC136

Destiny is a very sweet and loveable little princess. She is fun, adorable and also a well behaved child. Destiny yet only two years of age exibits signs of how well advanced and mature she is for her age. She is also extremely independent, enjoys being sourrounded by family and friends and can easily bring a smile to anyone's face at any given moment.

Destiny seriously can be viewed as the ideal little Ms. teenager with lots of good qualities that sourround her. These qualities are enough to draw everyone's attention and bring everyone together. Through her everlasting energy, she enjoys singing, drawing, watching cartoons, and hearring bedtime stories. Most importantly, Destiny looks forward to her morning ride to school from mommy where she demonstrates all of her skills that make everyone so happy and proud.

Thank you
by: Michelle

Thank you to the two individuals who commented on Destiny's photo - not sure who it is since you didn't leave a name. But thank you for the kind words

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