Drew 2 and a half years old

by Jennifer Freitas
(Campbell, CA, USA)

Bubble Gun

Bubble Gun

Bubble Gun
Playing at the Beach
Dr. Drew

Drew is tall for his age, even though he says "no, short" and has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is an avid swimmer and has been swimming since he was 6 months old. Drew is a huge fan of Umizoomi and he has learned his numbers up to 20 as well as the alphabet and many shapes.

Shape Bandit is his favorite character and he will say "toodily doo" just like the bandit. He loves to play bubbles, create paintings and play in any type of water in the back yard. He is too cute and he knows it and uses it to his advantage, especially to get "yum yums" (treats) and "shake shake" (chocolate milk). Drew also likes to spend time with his friend, "M" (Emily), and his grandpa Art.

He is very affectionate, giving out hugs and kisses to everyone, and telling his mommy and daddy "lu you" (love you) all the time. When we go anywhere, Drew will greet people with "Hi! My friend, mommy, and I Drew". He is very smart and charismatic and a joy to watch as he grows up.

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