Emma 2 years old

by amanda wantuch
(daytona beach fl usa)

being oh so sweet :)

being oh so sweet :)

being oh so sweet :)
trying to hide from me!
getting into trouble with baby powder!
climbed on the chair and it collapsed (dont worry shes fine she got up and laughed afterwards lmao)

She loves to sing. even tho she wont talk we know she really can b.c we catch her singing along with disney songs so she likes to fool us. and she loves to be daring! youll catch her climbing and jumping off of everything!! ive caught her in sinks and on dressers and one day she even climbed on to our neighbors shoulders without any help what so ever!

She shimmied her way up. and if shes ontop of the slide and ur standing anywhere near her shell jump to you even when ur not paying attention she just leap out hoping ull catch her . she has no fear. but she loves horses and barney and mickey mouse.

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