Gabriel Rodriguez 4 Years Old

by Jamie Johnson
(Jersey City, NJ)

Gabriel is an active little boy. I call him my little performer because he is always singing, dancing or showing off his amazing agility and athleticism. He is strong willed and determined. If he doesn't get something done right the first time he will try over and over again until he masters it. Gabriel is quite the ladies man for his age. Whenever we take him to the park he has to pick all the flowers he sees to give to as many girls as he can find. He is also a very independent little boy. Every morning he will wake up before mommy and daddy and goes to feed the 3 kittens that we have. Neither me or my husband has ever asked him to do this, he just started doing it one day all on his own. after the kitties are fed he will come and wake us up. Gabriel is always happy go lucky and likes to march to the beat of his own drum.


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