Jackson, age 2 and a half

by Katie
(Groveland, ma)

Almost got it...

Almost got it...

Having Jackson for my son is like holding that first present on Christmas morning - full of surprises! He keeps me on my toes always. He is such a fun boy to be around -'even in his grumpiest of moods ( terrible two's - we love those!). He loves life - he really does. Sports are his favorite - he can't get enough. Hockey in particular.

I have a life supply of hockey sticks just in case we misplace one! Jackson is so full of life - always wakes up with a smile on his face. He has an imagination that blows my mind! He loves learning. He is always doing something new that I can't even remember where he picked that habit up!

He's my little monkey and my little sponge. He retains information like its nothing. The picture I posted was from the other day. He wanted to floss his teeth and he said that he had something stuck in his tooth. This was the outcome! I hope you get a little laugh out of it!

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