Jazmine-Thuy 5 years old

by Cynthia Garza

My daughter Jazmine-Thuy is an amazing little girl loves to paint and color. She just started 1st grade this year. She always tells me when she grows up she will be the worlds best artist. I am very proud of her that i will support all the way. She is half hispanic and vietnamese. She speaks three languages including english. I try to talk to her in spanish everyday and her father vietnamese because we both know that she can learn english fast. She loves learn new things like golfing, go carts, and wall climbing (mountain climbing). she has such a big heart that she accepts anyone in her life. She doesnt judge anyone from the way they look, gender, or anything because she feels like everyone has something special inside them that they might teach her something new in life or make a big in pack of her life.

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