Kadyn 2 years old

by Brooke Bush
(Greenville, South Carolina)

Kadyn is the happiest, sweetest, funniest, and most adorable kid! He loves to laugh and smile. You can't help but to smile whenever you are around him, I haven't met a person that doesn't think that he is the cutest kid they have ever seen. Kadyn loves Spongebob, bubbles, animals, books, and chocolate!

Kadyn is also very smart, and growing so fast for his age. He wears 4t-5t clothes and he is only 2! He also loves to dance, and absolutely loves music. His favorite toys are guitar hero controllers. Whenever rock music plays, he always grabs one of the guitars and pretends to play! He loves being outside and especially playing in the water. Although he is my precious angel, he can also have a bit of an attitude too!

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