Kayden Cassidy 2 Years Old

by krizia lois c. mendoza
(baguio city , philippines)

first picture

first picture

My kcie boy is the most wounderful gift i ever had , his now 2years old . KAYDEN CASSIDY means ["SPIRITED" lively, energetic, animated, courageous . It also means "COMPANION" in arabic . :) yes that's my boy ! :)

" Our life together has just begun, You're part of me my little one. As mother with child, each day I grew, My mind was filled with thoughts of you. I'd daydream of the things we'd share, Like first steps and skinned knees, Like bedtime stories and ABC's.

I thought of lessons I'd need to share, Like standing tall and playing fair. When I first saw your precious face, I prayed your life be touched with grace. I thanked the angels from above, And promised you unending love. Each night I lay you down to sleep, I gently kiss your head and cheek. I count your little fingers and toes; I memorize your eyes and nose.

I linger at your nursery door, Awed each day I love you more. Through misty eyes, I dim the light, I whisper "I Love You KCIE" every night. I loved you from the very start, You stole my breath, embraced my heart. As mother and child our journey's begun, My heart's yours forever little one. :)

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