Kayle 4 Years Old

by Alicia
(Corpus Christi, Tx. USA)

My daughter is very active and a funny little girl. She loves to dance and sing and watch scary movies. She loves to be a big girl, and she loves to take pictures, she has a pose that she always does when i want to take a pic of her. My daughter loves to dress up, if her dad would let her wear make up she would, so she just settles for lip gloss.

My daughter loves to always be dressed up, but not at home, only when we go out in public. She loves to have her hair fixed all the time. When she laughs it just makes you smile. She is a joy to have around and she brings alot of happiness to my family.

She is the only baby girl in our family, the rest are boys. So it is suprising that she is a girly girl since she hangs out with nothing but boys. She loves to be center of attention since she is only child that me and my husband have.

She has the humor of her dad and the looks from her mom. She is starting show a little of her dad but mostly she is a spitting image of me. She is just a blessing to our family and mostly to me and my husband.

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