Metao Harris age 4

by latricia stahl
(mt pleasant, michigan)

Metao Harris, age 4. Metao enjoys all little kid things such as games, parks, family time, vacations and TV. He is a special little guy he is very energetic, photogenic, handsome, smart and playful.

He was born 2 months early at 4lbs 3.2 oz 17 1/4 inch long. He was expected to be in a nicu for 2 months or more and made it out in 2 1/2 weeks after his heart stopped 4 different times.To this day you could never tell he went through all the trauma.

He caught rite up physically and mentally and is one of the happiest little guys i know he loves school, friends, and most of all his best brother and deserves everything he receives. Thank you all for taking your time to consider my amazing and strong metao prestyn!!!!

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