Mikaela Drew 2 years old

by Laura Cordova
(San Antonio Texas)

Monkey in a tree

Monkey in a tree

My monkey will light up the darkest of rooms with her smile. She originally learned to dance by watching Rio ( the movie about birds ) needless to say she dances like a bird. She is the biggest flirt, and makes sure you tell her how cute she is or how pretty her outfit is before you even think about talking to her mommy. This two year old is the biggest adrenaline junkie you will ever know. She has no fear. From jumping off of walls and climbing trees, to grabbing a microphone and singing in front of a crowd at a restaurant. More than anything though... Mikaela saved me from myself. She is truly a miracle child for me physically and emotionally. Everyone she has come across has fallen in love with her and her shining personality. She has curls of Shirley Temple which is amazing coming from the first two years of being bald. I don't care about her winning contest, I just love to show the world my angel in hopes that her pictures can light up someones day the way she does mine. For her hazel eyes to capture the hearts of many the way she has mine. For her contagious smile to maybe bring another persons day to life the way it does mine. There really isn't enough words to fully explain how amazing Mikaela is. I just know I am so lucky to have such a beautiful little girl that I call daughter.

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