Nyejel 1 Year Old Toddler

by Tammi
(Detroit, Michigan, USA)

Drum roll please*****Ladies & Gentle...I now would like to introduce the one and only... Nyejel!!

Nyejel is my first baby & already is a highly energetic, well disciplined, humorous, smart toddler. He loves to laugh and its never a dull moment with him. He can already spell his name, count to 12 & loves to sing & dance. He is very photogenic and friendly to people his first meets. He loves to watch Yo Gabba Gabba, Blues Clues, & The Upside Down Show. He'll play with always any type of toy but his favorite is his dancing Brobee toy from Yo Gabba Gabba.

Ive been entering him in every type of contest you can think of since his first day home from the hospital. So far I haven't had any luck but I haven't given up either. I know every mother believes their child to be the most beautiful creature on this earth in which they should but (theres that but) my son makes me feel like hes the most perfect creation on this earth!

He changed my life in so many ways that most people didn't think was possible yet I have God to thank for trusting me so much to raise one of His children. My son, Nyejel, is truly a blessing!

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