Poliahu Age 3

by michelle garcia

Poliahu The Princess. She is 3 years old born on the big island raised in oahu. She is a very independent little one that is always saying (i got it (or) i can do it). She makes everyone laugh because we will tell her she's our baby girl and she reply's No, i'm not baby girl I'm poli which is her name.

She love to dance to the happy feet and knows the words to the song's.It's sounds so cute because, the happy feet song's are from the 80's.Her favorite food's is believe of not (bbq chicken and orange chicken from pandas)She also loves to talk to people and seems to want to know where there going and what's that holding.

She hit a conversation with anyone of all age's as long as you reply she keep up a conversation with you. She's our baby poli girl and we are very blessed that she a part of us!!!!

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