Simran Manoj Jetley 2yrs old

by Bhoomi Jetley

This is Simran Manoj Jetley. She is very smart, intelligent and has ability to grasp things faster. she is very propt in answering the questions. Fun loving girl.

Simran is very active child if she gets homely atmosphere. I like 1habbit of Simran very much is that she dont accepts any food products lik chocolates (thought she luvs it alot) from strangers.


Simran is a only child in our family so she is loved and pamperd by everyone in our family. SHe is more Engaged to play and help every one with family she is least interested to play with her toys though she loves to buy it. simran jetley loves to go to mall do shopping of cosmestics for her mom, sit on rides she is a brave gal.

she loves to experiment with new things, consant creativity goes on in her head... she loves to draw n colour.

Simran is Naughty but matured enough to understand things. i love my baby alot.

Bhoomi Jetley(Simran's mom)

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