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Toddler Training Pants

Toddler training pants are the "key" to potty training success in my opinion. It can either be an easy or difficult process. I was blessed that my son basically potty trained himself. I was worried for nothing. He was potty trained before he was two years old. I realized that the training pants and underwear played a major role in his potty training process.

It can be a scary thing for a toddler. But, once they are ready, everything just seems to move quickly and smoothly. You may have a few roadblocks in the way that is nothing. You and your toddler will be just fine. Remember my motto: Have Fun and enjoy your toddler, before you know it they will be all grown up.

If you are not sure that your toddler is ready to begin “the process” then check out my page on tips on potty training to see if they show the signs of readiness. If the signs are there then let’s get ready to focus on those toddler training pants. (They are so important to me I’ve dedicated a whole page to them……LOL!).

First things first, there are a few different types of training pants that you can use. The choice is strictly up to you. Remember that if you try one type and find it doesn’t work then try something different. Eventually you will find what works for your toddler. Well allow me to rephrase that, your toddler will let YOU know.

Different Types of Toddler Training Pants

* Regular Training Pants *

These are the older kind of training pants. Now you can find really cute ones with different designs on them. These are the heavier material. These simple, rib-knit training pants have two layers of terry lining to make them extra absorbent. You know these ones Moms, well I do because I used to wear these when I was a toddler. Some people find that these work really well for there children. I personally did not use these with my son, but I have friends who swear by them.

* Underwear *

The regular underwear worked very well for my son. Especially when you allow them to go shopping for them and they get to help pick out their own. With all the cartoon characters and different styles they have on the market now your toddler will be in heaven. My son was so excited when he got to wear his favorite underwear. To me this made a huge impact on the transition to the potty. It gave him something to look forward to. I used to say that he was going to put on his “big boy” undies like daddy’s. It really worked well for us. Remember if you find a few styles and brands that they like, STOCK UP!!! You are going to need them especially when you have lots of little accidents.

* Pull- Ups or Disposable Toddler Training Pants *

There are some moms and dads who either will use Pull-Ups or else who will not. I did use these on my son but only at night. I never put these on my boy during the day. I didn’t want him to feel like he was wearing a diaper. Now for some children they do use them as underwear and just have them on in case of accidents. That is there sole purpose. I think they are an excellent option available to any family potty training a toddler.

So once you get the type of training pant you’d like to use the rest is just time and a process. It is a natural event and some toddlers take longer than others. Be Patient and welcome this phase. I know it can be frustrating but relax and it will work out fine. Here are a few little tips that I have to help you through the transition.

Training Pants Tips

Tip #1

  • Remember to make sure that your toddler is ready to begin potty training. Again some toddlers may take longer than others. You want to be absolute sure they are ready for their toddler training pants.

Tip #2

  • Talk about underwear with them and show them how you and daddy wear them too and they are for big kids. This shows them that there is nothing to be afraid of.

Tip #3

  • Decide what type of toddler training pants you are going to use and buy LOTS of them. You can never have too many trust me. Whatever size and shape you find that your toddler likes than stick with them. You’ll be gad you did.

Tip #4

  • Allow your toddler to help pick out there own toddler underwear. They will love it and it gets them more comfortable about starting the process. They will get so excited to wear what they picked out everyday. Even if you use Pull-Ups they will enjoy the characters that are printed on them. My son loved putting on his “Cars” Pull-ups before he went to bed.

Tip #5

  • Remember to be Patient. Your toddler will be feeling some scary feelings and needs your unconditional support, (Which I know that you already give.) Trust me, and Have Fun with your toddler. Yes even during potty training.

Now was that as bad as you thought? Of course not. The training pants are a vital role during potty training. It is so important to me that I feel it will make the process quicker and easier. I truly believe it and have practiced all of these tips with my own toddler. Be Blessed and enjoy these precious times!

I am not an expert or licensed professional dealing with toddlers. I am a stay at home mom simply passing on my own tips about toddler training pants. I hope that you find my advice useful and helpful along your own personal journey with your toddler.

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