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Do yourself a Favor and Learn the truth about website design Canton Ohio web designers. This page is a "must read" if you are searching to find a website design firm for your website needs. My name is Doug, and I’m an Internet or E-business consultant here in Stark County. The purpose of this page is to help you avoid the many pitfalls when selecting website design Canton Ohio web designers to work on your website or online venture.

The first step is to inform you of the fact that 95% of all websites fail online! When I say fail, I simply mean that they receive very little or no traffic. No traffic means website failure. So do the math on this equation. If 95% of all websites fail, and if most of them are designed by traditional website design firms, what does this tell you?

Allow me to give you the answer:

This should tell you that you need to be very careful when dealing with website design Canton Ohio web designers and traditional web design firms. I personally recommend you deal with a true E-Business firm. I will explain this in more detail during a personal consultation. Please know that this information is not attacking website design Canton Ohio. I'm simply speaking on behalf of the website design industry as a whole.

Having said that, allow me to inform you of the The Problem:

You must understand that most website designers and firms are in the business of design and functionality. But these two elements are Not the most important parts to online or website success. Most web designers try to sell you on image and design. And unfortunately you as the small business owner or entrepreneur don’t understand this Big misconception.

So prior to your consultation with me allow me to fill you in on a Huge secret. In the offline business world image and location is everything. But it works the complete opposite with the online world. Offline its about "location, location, location". Online it’s "information, information, information". Please understand that information is the key element Not design. I will also prove this theory to you during your session, by showing you a list of hundreds of websites that do extremely well, without a fabulous design.

Proper format and structure of a website are also very important as well, and I will give you a visual demonstration of this during your session. Lastly in the section, I want to talk a little about Traffic. Another sad reality with 95% of all websites is the lack of traffic they receive. Most websites only receive 50 organic visitors a month. Yes that‘s 50 visitors a month, and organic simply means traffic coming from the search engines.

I’m sure you can clearly understand that you cannot have a successful website with only 50 visitors a month. A successful website receives hundreds if not thousands of visitors a day. Yes a day. My two websites which includes this one, receives up to over 500 visitors a day each, and over 20,000 page views each a month as well. This is a major difference from 50 visitors a month from the average website. Also look at my Alexa ranking below. Any site that ranks 1,000,000 and under is considered to be a top 1% website on the entire internet!

Let me briefly explain the power of having a website that receives a lot of traffic. Take this website for example. I’m simply using a page from my wife’s toddler website, and I’m able to promote my consulting services. Since her site is well respected with the search engines, they will rank her higher than other sites with various keywords, especially with local keywords. I will explain this in detail during your consultation. And speaking of consultations now would be a great time for me to explain how my services work, and why it would be in your best interest to schedule an appointment.

Reasons To Schedule A Personal Consultation

  • You are planning to get a website designed and need some direction. This is a great reason to consult with me first, because website planning is critical to the success or failure of your site. Most website design Canton Ohio web designers won’t help you properly plan for your site. They simply start the design process which is a sure way to fail.
  • You have an existing website from a website design Canton Ohio firm or other firm but like most, it receives little or no traffic. Allow me to show you why, and then put you on the right track to receive hundreds of free targeted visitors a day.
  • You want to learn the best way to design and market your own website. This is another great reason for a personal E-Business consultation. As you can imagine, web design can be very expensive. Allow me to show how to save money by effectively doing it yourself. I will also help you to avoid the pitfalls with traditional website hosting services.

What You Will Receive & Learn During Your Session

  • I will provide you with a Free online E-business tutorial. This tutorial is a great resource to teach you about websites and is used in major colleges and universities all around the world. It’s priceless…
  • You will receive a Free price selling masters course. This is a great resource to help you set the right price if you have a product or service to sell.
  • You will receive a Free website writing masters course. This course will teach how to write effective content that your visitors will relate to.
  • You will receive a Free service selling masters course. This is another great resource to help build your service selling business.
  • You will receive a Free web masters small business course. This is a great resource for website designers who want to give their clients the best in proper website design.
  • You will receive two Free e-books to help grow your mlm, or network marketing business via the internet. These two e-books are a must read if you are in the network marketing industry.
  • And if that’s not enough, I will also be providing information on: How to conduct Keyword research, Niche choosing, Google adsense, Domain names, Affliate marketing, SEO, and more… You won't get all of this information from a website design Canton Ohio web designer.

Cost For Website Consultation

Individuals & Small Businesses with 1 or 2 Employees:

$50 for up to a two hour session "with no website analysis."

$75 for up to a two hour session "with a website analysis of your site"

Small Businesses With 3 or more Employees:

$100 for up to a two hour session "with no website analysis."

$150 for up to a two hour session "with a website analysis of your site"

Churches & Other Organizations:

$100 for up to a two hour session "with a FREE website analysis."

CONTACT INFORMATION: Call Doug to set up your appointment today!

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