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Did you know that most people think that the only way to make money online is to sell something? Well, years ago this was true, but not Anymore. You can become what is called an infopreneur. The internet is an information portal, and there are searchers by the millions. Everyone has a passion or hobby right? We are all experts at something. You can take your knowledge on any particular subject and create a website about it.

You might be thinking I don’t know how to build a website. Well neither did I, but after doing some research and finding the right company I am now the creator of this toddler site. My wish is to help you do the same. This will be explained shortly. I know what you are thinking. How can I make money from an information website?

Great question…

You can build a successful business by creating a website that sells absolutely nothing? It’s true - that when people search the web, the main thing they look for is information.

Simply think about how you use the internet yourself. If you were considering buying an expensive computer or printer, you would go to the internet to look at reviews and research prices before making a decision.

Or if you were going on a family vacation - you might use the internet to research hotels, and airplane tickets ect.

...people search for information.

Everyone wants to know something about something.

This is where you come in. Think about the things you love to do...biking, singing, dancing, sports, computers, music, shopping, exercising, animals, cleaning, movies....what are you excited and passionate about?

There are thousands, maybe millions of people that love the same things you do. You can build a website around your passion...which will attract many others who love your passion as well!

The biggest mistake people make when creating a website is - they think they have to sell something. Information has now passed both products and services as far as internet revenue. You don't have to sell a thing to make money online. Just tell the world everything you know about your favorite theme of interest...and you will have a great information only website!

Example: Lets say you are a big dog lover. You can design a website that is all about dogs.

  • How to train them
  • Where to find the best breeders
  • Health concerns
  • The different variety of dogs
  • What they love & hate

By doing this, you are creating a website that is full of great content! People will love to visit your site and learn all about dogs! So how will your hard work, make you any money?

Well, within all of this valuable information that you have created, you can weave in product recommendations & insert Google ads.

I’ll explain that now..

There is a free program that Google offers called Google Adsense. You simply sign up and, Google will generate ads for you that are based on your theme and niche (ex: dogs - the ads may be about dog food, training tools, etc) - you then place these ads on your site, and every time someone clicks on one of the get paid! It is a wonderful program!

The other way you can make money is by signing up and participating in affiliate programs. There are thousands of companies willing to pay you a commission for recommending their products.

Let's hit the rewind button and go back to the dog example. Say there is an online store out there called "The Canine Club" - and they sell all kinds of gourmet dog treats such as biscuits, jerky, etc. - This company has an affiliate program where they are willing to pay website owners 18% of every sale that they refer to their internet store.

So when you recommend some of The Canine Club's products on your website, along with a link to The Canine Clubs online store - each time one of your visitors clicks on the link and buys some dog receive 18% of that sale. All for just mentioning a superb product!

The Company I used for my website…

I use a wonderful company called Solo Build It (SBI) and they are the only company that I will recommend. Links to their program are provided below.

They are truly one of a kind! SBI will equip each customer with all the tools and resources needed to truly become successful.

You will be guided through the whole process from beginning to end. They supply a State-Of-The-Art 'Action Guide' that, if followed, can lead you to amazing success. It’s hard to fail if you follow their incredible system.

SBI will teach you how to research your chosen topic and ensure it will become profitable.

You will then be able to research popular keywords that people are searching for within your niche. This will allow you to create your site around the most popular terms related to your theme of choice.

SBI will also show you how to write content so that the Search Engines will love your work and list you in their search results...which can lead to thousands of free visitors!

You will be shown exactly how to put Google ads on your website, and how to sign up for affiliate programs. There are no technical headaches. Simply focus on writing about what you love!

Special Note:

For a short time my husband and I are personally helping a limited number of individuals get started who purchase the SBI program on the annual renewal. After viewing the links below, you can call my husband Doug @ 330-257-2210 or by using my Contact form below. We are in Ohio Eastern Standard Time "EST" and we look forward to helping you get started!

Here are a some helpful must see links:

  1. Click here to visit SBI's website
  2. Click here for a must see 30 minute video of "Site Built It"

I wish you nothing but success!

Becoming a website owner and work at home mom is one of the most rewarding experiences ever! Below is a two minute video testimony from a "Solo Build It" user and stay at home mom. I have also included a Free work at home mom's masters course E-book. Download your free copy today.

WAHM Masters Course

This program has changed my life and it can change your life too…

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