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The Toddler Times, Issue #0012 -- Happy St. Patrick's Day!
March 08, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Are you thinking GREEN this month? Here at TAF we are going to turn you all into Green! We will have a great toddler recipe and craft in celebration of St. Patrick's Day! Our "Mom of Green" will be here to share her monthly Green Tip. This and so much more! So grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this issue of The Toddler Times!

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March 2010: Issue #0012

Our Special "St. Patrick's Day" e-zine will feature:

  • How to tell if your toddler is ready for Preschool? Most preschool registrations begin in the month of March. We have tips to help decide if your child is school ready.

  • Toddlers Are Fun's "Mom of Green" Tina Keller will be here to share our monthly "Green Tip.

  • For St. Patty's Day we will have a Fun Toddler Craft...
  • We will have a Fun Toddler recipe...."Green Smoothies..":)

  • Our March Madness contest will be announced...

Is my Toddler Pre-school Ready?

My son loves preschool. I felt that it was important that he started as early as possible. He started when he was 2 1/2 years old. However, he was ready. Every child is not ready. There are certain factors to keep in mind to determine whether or not your child is ready.

Potty Trained

Most schools will not accept any children who are not potty trained. That would be considered a daycare where they would need to change diapers or pull ups. Your child must be able to go to the bathroom on their own and be able to independently wash their hands, eat snacks etc. my son could not button his pants so I had to make sure he wore pants with no buttons or else jeans with snaps so that he was able to use the restroom with no trouble.

Separation Issues

When your child begins, they will miss you at first. Especially if you are a stay at home Mom. You would be surprised though at how well your child can actually adjust. When my son was a baby, he wouldn't even stay in the church nursery. He would scream and get so upset. I was home with him all the time so I thought he would never do well when preschool came around. Well he did. He loved going and I never had to fight him to go back every day. It's important that you transition a child into the process. My son started the first year going only two days a week. The next year he was going three days a week. This year is his last year of preschool and he will be going 5 days a week. you can do an adjustment.

Does your child stay on a schedule well?

Preschools usually follow a predictable routine: circle time, play time, snack, playground, then lunch. There's a good reason for this. Children tend to feel most comfortable and in control when the same things happen at the same time each day. So if your child is not on a schedule and each day is different from the last, it can help to standardize his days before he starts preschool. Start by offering meals on a regular timetable. You could also plan to visit the park each afternoon or set - and stick to - a bedtime ritual (bath, then books, and bed).

Working well in group settings and with other children.

Many preschool activities, like "circle time," require that all the children in a class participate at the same time. These interactions give children a chance to play and learn together, but also require them to sit still, listen to stories, and sing songs. This can be very difficult for kids under 3 who are naturally active explorers and not always developmentally ready to play with other children. If your child isn't used to group activities, you can start introducing them yourself. Take her to story time at your local library, for instance, or sign her up for a class such as tumbling to help her get used to playing with other children.

Physical Stamina

Whether it's a half-day or full-day program, preschool keeps kids busy. There are art projects to do, field trips to take, and playgrounds to explore. Does your child thrive on activities like this, or does he have trouble moving from one thing to the next without getting cranky? Another thing to consider is how and when your child needs to nap. Preschools usually schedule nap time after lunch. If your little one can keep going until then or even all day like a wind-up toy, he's set. If he still needs a mid-morning snooze, it might not be time yet to go to school. You can work toward building his stamina by making sure he gets a good night's sleep. If you have some flexibility in your schedule, you might also want to start him off in a half-day program to ease him into the hustle and bustle of preschool life, and gradually increase the length of his school day as he gets more comfortable.

Finding a school

Here are a few tips you may want to consider when you are searching for a preschool.

  1. Ask around. Talk to family and friends. This is how I found my son's school and I was glad I did.
  2. Visit several schools. Don't just decide on the first one you see. Explore your options.
  3. Affordability. Make sure that you go with a school that your family can afford. Just because a school is expensive does not mean the curriculum is better. It does not mean that it isn't either. I would make sure the school curriculum meets your child's needs.

Preparing for Preschool

I have some ideas that you can try with your child to prepare them for this new journey. It is important that you make them feel excited about going to school and not anxious.

  1. Take them to the school to visit. Allow them to look around, visit with the teacher, play and get a feel of the place. We did this to my son weeks before he started and it really helped.
  2. Go to meet the teacher day or an open house.
  3. Allow your child to pick their own backpack and prepare the backpack for school. This makes them feel like they are making their own decisions.
  4. Make sure your child is self sufficient. Make things easier for them. As I said above, make it as easy as possible for them to go to the restroom on their own. Make sure they can wash their hands etc.
  5. As parents we should work with our children academically. My son is 4 and can write his name on his own. I have worked with him since forever. We cannot just leave it up to the school, we must do our part to prepare them as well. I have some parenting tips that will help you with this stage in your child's life.

Preschool is to prepare our children for kindergarten. You would be surprised to know how much they really should know prior to entering school. It is important that you research the best options for you and your child. Have a Great school year and Happy Learning..:)

St. Patrick's Day Craft

A Bit O' The Green Collage

From the color of Shamrocks, to the suit of a leprechaun, green is the color of the Irish. Some speculate that St. Patrick's Day's is so closely associated with green, not just because of its Irish heritage, but also because it is thought to be the holiday coinciding with first green of spring.

Whatever you choose to believe, creating a collage of green is a wonderful way for toddlers to enjoy a craft activity while celebrating the heritage of St. Patrick's Day.

Materials Needed:

  • Medium Size Piece of Cardboard (An empty Cereal Box works well)
  • All Purpose Glue or Craft Glue
  • Green Decorative Materials (sequins, glitter, construction paper, yarn, buttons, ribbons, pipe cleaners, beads, markers, etc.)


  1. Cut a shamrock shape from cardboard.
  2. Allow child to add bits of green all over the shamrock using the green decorative materials. Help child to glue decorative materials to the shamrock shape.
  3. Let glue dry. Display the green collage for a decorative flair on St. Patrick's Day.

Our Toddler Recipe is..
"Green Smoothies" :)

Green Smoothie recipe

Believe it or not, your toddlers will love this amazing St. Patrick's day smoothie! They will never know just how healthy it really is....LOL ;0)


  • 2 cups fresh spinach or kale
  • 1 grated cucumber, carrot or zucchini
  • 2 bananas or 1 banana and 1/3 cup fruit of your choice
  • 1 orange
  • Juice of 3 apples

In a blender, whirl together all ingredients until thick and smooth. YUMMY!

Our Monthly "Green" Tip

Our Mom of Green has amazing tips even for St. Patrick's Day. Here is what Tina had to share with us for this month....

Green Tip:

Toddlers go to many birthday parties! Instead of buying "NEW" wrapping paper each time, help them make their own! Use recycled or scrap paper and let them color on it with crayons or markers. For something else a little more special, get out those cookie cutters and let them color inside the shapes to make new designs. Your child will have a lot of fun and you will save the "green" and be more "green" by reusing what you already have!

How great is that? Tina's page is now Live on Toddlers Are Fun! She is ready to answer all of your questions about making your home a safer. Click Here to read Tina's full story and to ask any "Green questions". (Be sure to check out our contest below you can ask Tina a question and may win a great prize!

Our March Madness Contest!!

In honor of March Madness, TAF has gone MAD! We are having an amazing giveaway this month. To honor our new "Mom of Green" we want to see who has the most questions to ask her! That winner will receive an amazing prize package. You will not only receive a free E-bay e-book but you will also receive a FREE Mom's Club Membership to Toddlers Are Fun. So come on start asking your "green" questions. Did you ever think that you could win prizes for just asking questions? Yeah, I know it's MAD! " Click Here to enter"the contest!

Our "Happy Easter" e-zine will feature:

  • Are you coloring Easter eggs this year? We have some really FUN egg decorating tips for your Family.
  • Toddlers Are Fun's"Mom of Green" Tina Keller will be here to share our monthly "Green Tip."
  • We will have Two great Toddler Easter Crafts that the entire family will have so much FUN making... Bunny Basket Bag Craft and Easter Place Mats!
  • Easter just wouldn't be Easter without CHOCOLATE... ;0) Yum! Our recipe is going to be FUN!:)
  • Our Easter Contest will have you Hopping!

Take Care and I ask for Blessings to be poured over you and your family! Remember to love each other, see you next month....

Blessings, Ingrid ;)

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