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The Toddler Times, Issue #002 -- Our First Issue Is Finally Here!
May 05, 2009

Happy Mother's Day.....We celebrate you!

Wow! it is May 2009 already! I mean Christmas was just yesterday right? Or so it seems. The month of May is special to me because of Mother's Day. I think we have one of the most precious jobs in the world. I feel honored to be a Mom. God trusted me with a wonderful son and picked me to be his Mom and I am humbled. So Summer is just around the corner and I have some amazing tips for you to find the best Summer wardrobe for your toddler and save MONEY!! So take some time out for you and remember Moms You are Blessings!!

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Happy Mother's Day Issue 002

Table of Contents for this issue:

  • Money saving tips for buying your Toddler's Summer Wardrobe
  • How You Can Survive Toddler Tantrums
  • A great Mother's Day craft to make for an Auntie, Grandmother or anyone special............

Save Money while shopping for a Toddler Summer wardrobe...

You will love to find great toddler clothes AND save lots of money. Trust me I have found some easy ways to accomplish this. Children are expensive.Try these tips out and start saving money today!! Even if financially you don't have to look for deals. You still should. There is so much more you can do with the extra money you will save from buying your toddler clothes and shoes.

Consignment shops, Goodwills and garage sales should become your best friends.

I know what some of you are thinking......... "I will not shop at second hand stores for my kid's clothes." Trust me, I used to think this way, but not anymore. There are people who'd rather throw away clothes or give them away instead of washing them or trying to remove the stains. You can check out my * removing stains page for some great tips on how to remove some nasty stains......

Buying on EBAY. Turn into an Ebay junkie.... It's okay.

Another place where you can find excellent deals on cheap toddler clothes. I love E-bay to buy and sell clothing.The extra plus about Ebay is that you don't even have to leave your home. You can buy on line and it will be shipped right to your house!!! I have a great E-bay buying and Selling guide e-book that I wrote... You will learn some great tips on how to win your auctions for less. Click on the link below and check out my e-book today!!

Clearance racks at any department store. Here is a nice trick. You can buy cheap toddler clothes ahead for the next season. Meaning, you can buy bigger sizes that will fit your child the next year. For example, when summer is starting to end they mark down all of the summer clothes. Buy like one or two sizes bigger and come Spring or next Summer the clothes will fit.

So keep your minds open, check out my E-book Moms, and start saving money..........

E-Bay E-Book

It is possible to survive a Toddler Tantrum

Here are some great tips that will help when you feel your little one is having a tantrum...Don't worry they do eventually stop having tantrums.

  • First of all Relax. This is important Moms and Dads. I know that it is difficult during a toddler tantrum. However, please just try. Toddlers play off of your emotions. They will take any attention even if it's negative. So just walk away and allow them to throw the fit.
  • DON"T GIVE INTO THE TANTRUM!!! Whatever you do, do not give the child what they want. This will spoil them. They will think that all I have to do is throw themselves on the ground and scream and yell and they will get what they want. WRONG!! Just tell your toddler in a calm, normal voice " I will not give you what you want because you had a tantrum." Stand by that position. You will be glad you did. I know it's hard. It is so much easier to give into them, then to deal with the fit. I have been there, a toddler tantrum can get bad sometimes. Just remember, it's better for you and your child that you don't give in to their tantrum.
  • Ignore the bad behavior. Sometimes this works. If you ignore the toddler tantrum sometimes they will just stop on their own. They may even end up just falling asleep from being so upset.
  • Distract their attention. You can divert their attention to something else. You can try and have them help you with a chore. Or else call someone on the phone and allow your toddler to speak to them. These may work, unless it is in an out of control situation. If this is the case then you should consider a Time Out.
  • Time out. *Check out my time out rules page. This method works for our family, and you can start them out as early as 18 months. That way they understand what it means. Start out with a few seconds in time out or as long as the toddler will stay. As time goes on and more time outs are given, longer periods of sitting should be given. The more they are repeatedly put in time out for doing something, the more they will learn that it is something they shouldn't do. It may take time and many time outs before a toddler gets the idea but they do get the idea in the long run.

A Fantastic Fun Mother's Day Craft

You can make this for grandma or Auntie or even Dad can make this for you with your toddler.


If your toddler enjoys getting messy :), a hand print bouquet may just be the perfect Motherís Day project. Well maybe Dad needs to do this one....LOL.

Items needed:

Finger Paints

White paper

Washable markers

Optional: A picture Frame or Flower vase

How To make The Craft:

Have your toddler make several hand prints on a piece of paper. Once the paint is dry, use a marker to draw a stem from each hand print to create a bouquet of hands. You can even add a flowerpot or vase to complete the effect. Another option is that you can frame their work of art. If you have several children, ask each child to contribute a hand print to the bouquet. Either way, Mom or grandma are sure to treasure this unique and priceless craft.

I have an entire page dedicated to Mother's Day Crafts so check out this page for more exciting page for other great ideas!!

Happy Mother's Day!

More Exciting Mother's Day Crafts

So have a great Mother's Day and month! Next month will be another exciting time. My toddler turns "4" next month and will no longer be a toddler :( Next month we will also feature toddler swimwear and the best sun protection tips for your toddler in the sun! How about some great potty training tips that actually work!! Take care of you and your toddler!! Till we meet again next month I wish Grace and Blessings over you and yours!!

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