Toddler Mothers Day Crafts

Toddler Mothers Day crafts— they are a wonderful opportunity to create mementos celebrating a child’s special relationship with his mother.  There’s nothing that can warm a mother’s heart quite like a mother’s day gift made by Dad and Junior in joint partnership. These toddler Mothers Day crafts are all simple enough even for the most uninitiated Dad. If Dad really  isn’t of a crafty nature, someone else can help instead.

And if there’s no one to work with the toddler to create a special mothers day craft, no need to get down in the dumps! Mom can do toddler Mothers Day crafts too. Those special moments crafting with your child will be part of the memories that the sight of that little memento bring up. 

Toddler Mothers Day Crafts

Hand Print T-Shirt


• Plain new t-shirt in mom’s size; white or pastel colored

• Fabric-safe finger paints

• Fabric-safe paint marker

Have your toddler her hand in the paints and make bright colored handprints all over the back of the t-shirt. Afterward, hold your toddler’s hand and guide it to write her own name. Let it dry, then do the other side if desired. 

Scribble Scratch T-Shirt


• Plain new t-shirt in light color

• Fabric-safe paint markers in several colors

Set up a workspace and then have your child ‘color pictures’ with the paint markers on the t-shirt. When she’s finished, help her write over the front “I love you mom” and, in a corner, her name. 

Handprint Bouquet


• Large white paper

• Fingerpaints

• Markers

Have your child dip her hands into the fingerpaint and make handprints on the paper. Then wash her up, and when the paper is dry draw stems from the handprints to the bottom of the page, and leaves on the stems. Add some grasses or reeds. This will make a ‘handprint garden’ picture mom will treasure. 

Thumbprint Flowers in a Pot


• Construction paper

• Finger paint

• Straws

• Flower pot

• Straw, fake grass, or similar filler

Cut flowers out of the construction paper; simple five petal flowers about as large as your palm. Have your child dip a finger in the finger paint and paint a fingerprint in the center of each petal, and, with another color, one in the center of each flower. Glue the straw to the back of the flower as a stem. 

Paint the flower pot with a simple design, toddler scribble scratches, or a few stripes of color, and put the fake grass in the pot. Stick the straws holding up the flowers into the fake grass, and surprise mom with a pretty flower pot she won’t need to water. 

Mother’s Day Necklace


• Large Colorful Beads

• Shoelace

• Simple glass locket

• Small picture of mother &child

Let your child string half the beads onto the shoelace; then the locket, then the other half. Let her color on the back of the picture; a little scribble scratch. Then put the picture in the locket. Turned one way, the picture is displayed, turned the other way, the picture. 

Have fun making toddler Mother’s day crafts for the special mother, and don’t stress if they don’t come out perfect—even the smudges are part of the picture,  expressing something of your little toddler’s love for his mother and the joy of these toddler years.

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