Create A Reward Chart For Potty Training

by Pam
(Buffalo NY)

I know that not everyone believes in rewarding their children for what they should be learning on their own, but if you are a parent who is looking to reward your child, i.e., offer an incentive, then you might want to create a reward chart.

There are of course many ways to do this, but I will share my example, maybe you will like it or it will inspire your own potty time reward chart.
My reward chart was very simple. I created an excel spreadsheet with my child's name on the top and a title, like potty time or name went potty. Then I created two rows with 10 boxes each. The first row had the numbers 1 - 10 and the second were empty. Every time my child went potty they got to put a star (sticker) in the empty box. Once they reached 10 stars they could turn the sheet in for a prize.

As far as prizes you can either go with prizes with value, like small toys or games or the prize can be a favorite activity or something special.
For instance you may choose prizes like dolls, cars, games, markets, coloring books or activity books. Or the prizes could be things like playing a family board game, sharing an ice cream sundae, picking a movie at the video store, getting an extra bedtime story or taking a bubble bath for an extra long time.

Once your child is completely potty trained you may want to offer a bigger prize such as a toy they have been asking for or a trip to go bowling or play mini-golf.

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