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What parent is not looking for discount toddler shoes? I mean you’d have to be silly to not have a desire to save money. Often on my website I talk about being practical, and saving a dollar. There is nothing wrong with looking for deals. I am “Queen” of finding discounts.

Having toddlers as you know is expensive. After clothing, furniture and toys, you hardly feel like there is any money left over for footwear. Looks like you are in the market for discount toddler shoes. Even if your checkbook isn’t feeling the squeeze, it's nice to save money.

It can be hard to find quality shoes for your child that won't cost a fortune. Buying discounted shoes does not mean you have to buy “cheap” shoes. Shoes that are cheap can sometimes end up being poorly made. But purchasing discount shoes means you will always get the best quality. Discount shoes are marked down from a higher price…..Wow!

Having said that, let’s take a look at some tips on how to find some great discounted shoes for toddlers.

Sale and Clearance Racks

I often talk about this when buying toddler clothes and shoes. You can buy shoes that are marked down or even on sale, even if they are a bigger size. Eventually the shoes will fit. Now I am referring to a size or two bigger. I do this often. I have found Nike’s for $8.00 on a sale rack. I stuck them in the closet and eventually my son could wear them. I constantly find my way to the Clearance racks in every store. You can always have your eye out. Why pay full price?

* E-bay and Craigslist *

  • Craigslist

    Craigslist of course, you can find great discount shoes for toddlers locally. I have found several pairs of sneakers for my son on listings. Again the only downside to Craigslist is that it is better for local bargains. Now on to my favorite…….E bay.

  • E-bay
  • Now if anyone is familiar with me, they know that I am a true Ebay junkie. I have saved so much money buying and selling. I have got the system down to science. I know the greatest tips to help you find shoes at a great price. The beauty of E-bay is that because of the online auctions, you just may get the shoes cheaper than you expected.

I decided to write an E-book with all of my secrets because I wanted other Moms to save money just like I did. So click on the link below and start buying your discount toddler shoes today! On E-bay everything is at a discount and I just love it! Click here to learn more about my E-Bay E-book!

Discount Department Stores

This is another great avenue for you to find discounted shoes. Tj Maxx is a great store along with Marshalls. You can definitely find some name brand shoes at a decent price. The shoes are priced below retail so you can still save money.

Special Note: Remember to go to the Clearance rack even in these stores. That’s right! You will be pleasantly surprised with all the bargains you will find :)

Outlet stores and Malls

I am a big Fan of the outlet stores. I have found some good deals. Now you really do have to watch because sometimes the prices are the same as the store. It really all depends on the store and what you are looking for. I have found some great discount toddler shoes at the Nike outlet. So hit those shoe outlets.

When you go to the outlet mall you can make a whole day of it and it can be nice for the entire family. You'll get plenty of exercise walking around. Plus it will give you a chance to look for other items. LOL… since you are saving so much money from the shoes!

Consignment Shops and Resale Shops

Now I know what some of you are thinking…. “No way, I am not buying used shoes for my kids”. Trust me, I used to feel the same way. However, I realized that I was cheating myself by not even looking. There are clean, very nice, reputable second hand stores in your area. I have one in my town that I adore. You can sometimes find new or next to new shoes for your toddler at a very low price. These stores offer nice name brand shoes at a discount. I have purchased Name Brand shoes for my son for 2 and 3 dollars!

Remember, you can always throw the shoes in the washing machine. I must admit I have never bought a brand new pair of winter boots for my son. I always go to the consignment shop and get nice ones every year. So please Moms for me, give it a try! At least you can say that you tried. I know when I tried these shops it was over because now I am hooked. I feel like it is one of those “hidden” secrets, and a great place to buy discount toddler shoes.

The way the economy is, why not try to save a few dollars? In every area of our lives, it is amazing what you can do when you really try and save money. My motto is I try and buy everything on sale. Discount toddler shoes can be the first place you start. Just imagine what you can do with all the money you save. It adds up quickly, and every penny makes a difference.

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