Rosalie 2 Yrs Old

by Mom

I have a wonderful little girl. She loves the outdoors, playing with animals and friends. She is a lovable little princess, enjoys every moment of life! Her smile and eyes light up the camera after every pose i take....she is so photogenic, loves the attention to be all on her.


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butiful angel
by: Anonymous

what a beautiful little girl!

by: Louise Cayer

My sweet grand daughter is beautiful inside and out, an absolute angelic princess. Her vocabulary is incredibly advances at age 2. When she hugs me, she makes my heart pound at a hundred miles a minute, every time. The feeling is greater than falling in love. I am in love with my two grand-children. They make my world go round and round. She likes to tease and be teased..her laughter is addicting and makes me laugh with all my heart. We are all very blessed to have her.

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