Taduh 3 yrs old

by mikisha lyons

3yr old picture

3yr old picture

Taduh's name is sham his nick name is taduh. he's very outgoing,wonderful and playful he loves to watch you-tube videos of a wonderful singer named alyssa shouse he has a lot of energy he's quite a handful at times but he's full of fun.

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Photo Contest
by: Ingrid from Toddlers Are Fun

Hi Mikisha,

I moved Taduh's profile to my free toddler contest. Be sure to have all your facebook family and friends vote for him.

They can vote for him via this link:


Take care,

he's so cute
by: Annie:)

He's such a cute boyyy!!!!!! i love him!:']

by: christina

hes the cutest i have seen in a long time :)

i love you taduh
by: mikisha

ha i love taduh hope we do good :)

my friend
by: stevanna

I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so sweet
by: Anonymous

he is so cute and sweet

by: Brian

So cute!! He's on his way to becoming the next pop star. Go get em!

by: big booty

yeah workn it

Handsome boy
by: Anonymous

He's so cute good luck

Handsome boy
by: Anonymous

He's so cute good luck

I love him:)
by: Anonymous


by: Anonymous

is very sweet and cool! <3

by: moneyea

he is the coolest kid i love him hes adorable

by: Anonymous

baby workin it sexy

by: lilliana

Dear Taduh Its Great To Have You Back :D I Hope You Win!! God Bless

by: Spencer

He is sooooo cute (:

by: Anonymous

My lil cuz taduh gooo

by: Royal


by: Anonymous

Heyy cutie your so cute

by: Billie


Soooo.. Cuttee
by: Michael Joseph Jasminee

Awwwww HE Is Sooo CUte Awwwww His Hair Is So Lonnnggg Hes Adorablee...!!!!!!

Sorry But Hes So Cute
by: Michael Jasmine

Sorry But I Just Had TO VOte Again Because Hes Soooo Cutee.. I Bet Hes Nicee..:) Tell HIm I Said Hii.

Taduh 3 yrs old
by: LaShanna Brooks

really cute

by: Spencerrrrrr Malnik :D

I'ma try to make this 1000 characters lol. All to explain how CUTE he is!!!!!!! He reminds me of my little sister Sterling. ANYWHO. My friend voted on here last time for me. I didn't know. But he is: Cute, hansom, growing up to be like a gangstaa, adoriblee!, I seriously would die for this little boy, i'd adopt him if I could, and I would give up my little sister for him. That's one hansom BOII! Dang, I love him :DD !!! Okay, i've had to much cuteness for now, I might die!

Taduh Has Alot of Swagg
by: Shay Shay

He is so cute, have alot of swagg and i love his hair

by: Rebecca Whipple

He's a real cutie

by: brianna

awwwwwwww he is soooooooo cute :)

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