15 month old been vomiting since 5 months!

by Rachel

My 15 month old daughter has been vomiting irregularly since 5 months and just isn't growing out of it. It's not classic reflux, she has been on Rinitadine which was largely ineffective and has now been on Domperidone for about 2 months with varied success.. she'll vomit and gag for anywhere from a day to several days at a time..between 2 and 8 times a day and sometimes up to 5 times over night. She is gaining weight however and is otherwise pretty well (though she has Tuberous Sclerosis her pediatrician is conviced this isn't neurological as she's thriving). We're just stumped. Trying to find some answers for her as she's been through so much already, just want to solve this one for her. Paed'n doesn't seem to think it's an allergy either, just something she'll grow out of, but it's so distressing for her and for all of us! She also eats pretty much anything, including chunks of her board books if we don't catch her in time, someone suggested she may be deficient in something shich is why she still eats everything she can! Please help with any thoughts at all!!!!

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by: heather

I am sorry I cant give you the exact month i saw this on mystery diagnosis....which is through our cable through broadstripe but there is a show and sight if you can catch it and this was the exact story as seen on there...please contact the show or find there web site i will look myself to see if i can find it for you...praying for you and your little one and family... Heather

throwing up for months NEW
by: Anonymous

my 20 month old has been throwing up since around 8 months she was in the hospital for 10 days and threw up constantly and doctors have no idea why.. we were sent to lebonheur and still nothing they claim its acid reflex and put her on meds like zantac..it don't help either.. I need help with where to go

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