2 Year Old Vomiting When She Goes To Sleep

by Geeta
(Karnataka, India)

Within 10 to 15 minutes of her going to sleep, she gets a cough and then she throws up completely. She had cold and cough a month back which was cured after two weeks but the cough did not stop completely. Entire day she will not cough even once but as soon she goes to sleep in the noon or at night, she first gets a cough and uncontrollably she vomits. I tried making her sleep on her sides avoiding laying her flat on her back, I also give her food about one or two hours prior to her sleep so that she does not throw up. But all this has not helped. She throws up so forcibly that food particles come through her nose and she gets stuff nose and becomes exhausted. Her tummy is always blown up little, from birth itself. Off late she is complaining of stomach pain immediately after food. Even if I just give her cow's milk and not solid food, then too she will have this cough and vomiting problem once she goes to sleep. I am fed up with this problem and need some urgent help. At least to know the root cause and the treatment available for this. My regular docs said it is due to the cold and phlegm that she has, but my question is why only when she just goes to sleep and why not other times? Please help and guide me asap.

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Toddler Vomiting
by: Ingrid from Toddlers Are Fun

Hello Geeta!

I am sorry to hear about your daughter's problems. There can be so many potential reasons why she still continues to vomit. If the doctor stated that it is due to phlegm then it may be. It can take weeks and sometimes months for phlegm to completely work out of their system after a cold. When she lays down to sleep that is when the mucus really builds up and causes her to vomit. If it continues after a week, then I would take her back to the doctors to be reexamined.

If it continues your daughter may need to be seen by a Pediatric Gastroenterologist. There is such a thing called GERD and Acid Reflux in Infants and Children. Some of the symptoms are frequent vomiting and coughing and stomach pain after eating.

Also you can have her examined by an Ear Nose and Throat doctor as well. My son had enlarged adenoids. He caught frequent colds and constantly had mucus built up. We struggled for a year until he was finally diagnosed. He had his adenoids removed and today is problem free.

I hope these potential options help and I wish you and your daughter well. Please keep me updated!

Ingrid Lee

you might need to do research on this
by: Anonymous

look up a show called mystery diagnosis. i saw a case of a girl with similar symptoms, that only occurred at night. i think it was a type of seizure disorder but doctors were treating the girl for gerd. good luck.

Maybe Toddler Acid Reflux?
by: Anonymous

My daughter randomly started puking at night. She was later diagnosed with acid reflux. She had to take medicine for a year and then she eventually outgrew it. If you are still having problems with this, you may ask your doctor about toddler acid reflux.

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