Bottle And Sippy Cup Questions

by Janice

My son is 1 year and 2 weeks old. I am struggling with my child who will not hold his own bottle. As soon as I go to help he lets go and refuses to hold it.

I have been trying many varieties of cups since he was 8 months. Especially during his meals with water. He likes a sippy cup with a straw. He won't drink anything during eating. He will drink from his sippy cup with water if outside and he needs a drink.

I have tried milk in the cup but he won't take it.

I am a first time mom and this struggle is killing me.

Anyone have any advice?

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Child Health
by: Ingrid from Toddlers Are Fun

Hi Janice!

Thank you for your questions. You are doing Amazing as a first time Mom! Keep up the great work. I am here to give you some advice about your concerns.

Some children do take longer to "wean" off of the bottle than others. My son was no longer taking the bottle by his first birthday. I have had other Moms state their child was closer to 18 months before they were weaned. My suggestion would be to put your son's formula in the sippy cup and give it to him that way. It can be a difficult transition not only from bottle to cup but formula to milk as well. It seems as if when he gets thirsty enough "such as playing outside", he will drink from the cup. He may just be trying to "fool" Mom and will drink from the cup when he wants to.

Begin by cutting back on the bottles slowly. Begin by giving him one in the morning and maybe one at night before bed. Do this for a few days. Then go down to only one bottle at night. Keep enforcing the sippy cup with his formula or milk or 100% juice. (ask the doc to be sure). After a few days then take the bottle away altogether. He may cry for the bottle but stay firm and do not give in. It is an adjustment. Now if he still refuses to take the cup, you may want to talk to the pediatrician about his readiness.

The one concern I have is about his willingness to hold his own bottle at this age. Is it that he CAN'T hold his own bottle or he WON'T? Has your child been tested developmentally? Is he at the level he should be for his age?

Take Care!
Ingrid Lee

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Bottle And Sippy Cup Questions NEW
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