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Aleesyah Aliyah Frazier Age 5 1/2

Aleesyah is a very very photogenic person.. She is also very outgoing and loves trying new things everyday.. She's our little princess..!!!

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Jeremiah Keith Frazier age 4

Jeremiah is a very photo genie kid has a beautiful smile, loves baseball playing outside, go kart racing, and being with his family... Please give him

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Enter My Toddler Photo Contest Today And Win A Great Prize

My baby and toddler photo contest is a way to show your child to the world. There is no set entry fee so enter your child today!

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Jamauri 2 1/2

Jamauri was born on a beautiful winter day (Dec 5, 2010). He is smart, silly and full of life. He has big brown almond shaped eyes, the most amazing smile,

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Jevon Jeki 4 years old

Hi, my name is Jevon Jeki James Adams, but Everybody calls me Jeki. Iam 4 years old and I live in a small town in West Virginia called Logan, I live with

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ameekah 2

hi my name is ameekah and i am 2 years old.i look alot like my daddy and love taking pictures.i am a peoples person everybody likes talking to me and i

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Zain Obeid

He is a handsome little man, with a very social personality.... He speaks and say full sentences since he was 2 and now he is 3, must meet he has the most

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aamarr'e is 3 years old!

my handsome lil fellas name is aamarr'e!...... now aamarr'e is a very loving caring sweet individual. on his free time he enjoys playing

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Sione` 4yrs old

Sione is a fun energetic little girl. Loves to play all day take pictures and most of all she loves to swim. Sione can be very animated and funny at times.

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Jayell Vance Age 4

Jayell Is A Funny,Smart,And Handsome Theirs Never A Dull Moment When Your Around Him He's 4 Years Old I Was Told I Should Put Him In Modeling So I Thought

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Madison Kaye Cormier 17 months old

Hello my name is MADISON Kaye Cormier an I am 17 months old. I am full of energy and have lots of hugs n kisses to give out. I love to play outside more

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Brodey. 38 months

Brodey is my heart. I am his Grandmother. He is smart, and very handsome with piercing baby blue eyes. He can sit and hold a conversation with an adult

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Leah 4

My daughter Leah just turned 4 years old on oct 7th 2013. She loves going to school, playing with her cousins and anything involving the outdoors. She

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Charlie Naptin

Charlie can be very mischievous at times but is also very loving and caring! He likes playing with other children and loves to help mummy with hoovering

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Ava Lee, Age 1

My daughter Ava is such an adventurous child. She loves to play with everyone especially animals. Give her a moment of your time and she will be giving

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deelena harless 3yrs old

This is my daughter on her 3rd birthday having so much fun looking like a princess...

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Logan Alayna 18 months old

Logan is the sweetest kid out there. She understands when you're upset. She'll come up to you and smile. You can't help, but to smile back to her. I honestly

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Rae-Lynn 2 years old

Rae-Lynn is 2 years old, going on 21. She has so much personalitity that it's crazy! She is so smart, she is working on potty training.

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Bria Lee Foutch 2 yrs old

My name is Bria, I'm 2 years old. I look a lot like my daddy but I still get lots of compliments. I have a 6 year old sister in a wheelchair and I love

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Payton 4 years old

This little bundle of joy has alot of energy. She has just been accepted into the cheerleading course. She is an exceptionally talented girl. She loves

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Khyeer 2 years old

Khyeer is a fun and loving toddler who has a very contagious smile. He's above average in school and knows his ABC's, his shapes, his colors, and can count

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Breielle Jean Pahca 1 year old

Brielle is 1 years old. My nickname is Bell.I love to dance and play with my puppies. I loves to explorer new things. My family loves playing outside and

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Emily Rose Shields

Her name is Emily Rose Shields. She was born on July 21st, 2010 at Community Hospital in Anderson, IN. She is now three years old. She loves to do new

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Katelyn age 3

Katelyn is a smart, fun loving little 3 year old. She loves to help with her baby brother Max. She has a heart of gold and will help her mommy with anything.

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Jemano Kye 21 months old

Jemano is a 21 month old boy who has a whole lot of love and awesome personality to offer. People often say he's the kind of kid who you just look at and

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Aubrey Grace 4 years old

Aubrey Grace is the best big sister anyone could ever ask for.. She's a princess and a little diva all mixed into one, oh and a drama queen ;) she loves

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Arianna 21 months

She super funny and she loves to play! She likes to make funny faces!!! :) She has red hair so shes my little punkin head! Shes super fun to be around

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Austin Noah 1 and a half years old

Austin Noah loves to be outside, climb on everything, and eat everything!!! He had the best big sister in the world and gives mommy a run for her money

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Hannah King 4

Hannah King Is four years old and will be five september 15th 2013. She is very outgoing and always smiling no matter what the situation is, Hannah likes

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Joseph " TY" Lindsey 2 years old

Hi my name is Ty. Everyone calls me TY TY. I guess because I act like I don't hear them the first time. I look just like my dad, but have my mom's eyes

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