Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

What kind of outdoor toys for toddlers does your little one have? If you live in a temperate climate, your toddler should be outside as much as indoors during the summer, and you’ll likely want to have a good selection of dedicated outdoor toys for him to play with. But what are the best purchases, and why?

Summertime Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

First off is a good collection of toddler ride on toys. These could include toddler bikes, toddler trikes, toddler wagons, toddler bouncers, toddler roller skates, and a variety of other wheeled vehicles meant to give small children new ways to move around.  Little children love them in the same way big people love that new drive—they give a sense of power, of independence, and are fun to use. Parents love them because they keep the little people happy, give them a new way of getting exercise, and are low maintenance and easy to keep tidy. 

What else is there? Oh, plenty! A toddler swing set, for instance; possibly connected to a more extensive toddler gym.  Anyone remember the old poem on swinging from Robert Louis Stevenson, part of the ever-loved Child’s Garden of Verses ? The verse that begins with a question: “How do you like to up in a swing?” ends with the unequivocal  statement: “Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing/ Ever a child could do!” Many children will agree, and while you can plan regular expeditions to your local playgrounds—which are likely all swing-equipped—your toddler will probably love having his own set in the backyard. You may get less bugged for playground outings, too, then!

Since toddlers love jumping, a toddler trampoline is a nice addition to a backyard that is being set up as toddler paradise. A trampoline can be either an inside or outside toy and either place has their own benefits, but if your weather is good there’s no reason not to put it out in the backyard—it means your toddlers get a nice dose of vitamin d and fresh air even as they exercise. They can always wear toddler sunglasses if the glare is too hot!

Wintertime Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

What about if your weather is really inclement—are there any outdoor toys for toddlers that make sense in winter, when winter means frozen temperatures and snow? Well, yes. That’s when you get out the toddler ice skates and teach your toddler how to go gliding about on a rink. Winter is also the time for sledding, and a toddler sled may be a well-used purchase if you have substantial snow on the ground for more than a few weeks of the year. 

When buying…

When buying any outdoor toys for toddlers, check that:

• They are sturdy and well built; toddlers are always rough on their toys, but especially on their outdoor toys

• They are appropriate for the area that you’ll use them in: if you’re getting a bike, do you have a flat road or sidewalk? Is there an appropriate place to put that toddler swing set—no, the driveway won’t cut it!

• They meet safety standards: your toddler is still a little fellow, and unsafe play equipment is worse than no play equipment at all. 

Then have fun setting up your yard or play area as a toddler outdoor paradise, and enjoy watching your child play!

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