Unique Toddler Costumes for Halloween or Everyday Dress-Up

Halloween is coming up! Don’t let it sneak up on you—or your toddler—unaware!

Your toddler’s first Halloween is especially fun because it’s his or her first real Halloween—period. Sure, you may have dressed the baby up as something cute and toted him around while begging for candy, but he was too little to enjoy either the dress-up or the sweets. Now he’s finally old enough to be able to take full pleasure out of dressing up as something fun, and he’ll be able to fully enjoy the gifting of candy as well—at least, if you let him eat some of it. 

Fun with Choosing a Costume for Your Toddler

So now, comes the big question—what costume should your toddler wear? For a little one year old, you’ll be the one making that decision. As your toddler grows, you’ll want to give him more autonomy: either asking him what he’d like to be or at least him choose from among options you feel are both practical and cute. 

Possibilities for Halloween costumes for toddlers include:

• Animal/ Insect Costumes (this includes such costumes as toddler tiger costume, toddler dog costume, toddler lamb costume, toddler rabbit costume, toddler shark costume, toddler dinosaur costume and toddler butterfly costume)

• Character Costumes (for example, a Superman toddler costume, Frozen toddler costume, toddler monster costume,  Minnie Mouse toddler costume or toddler mermaid costume)

• Professional Costumes (a toddler astronaut costume, toddler cowgirl costume, toddler clown costume or toddler doctor costume are good examples of this)

• Costumes of Inanimate Objects (sandwich costumes, toddler candy costume, or robot costumes)

Within each of these fields there are a huge number of Toddlers Halloween costumes options, and you shouldn’t have any problem finding some way to help your little one stand out as special and unique.

The Sky is the Limit

Are you looking for ideas? If so, I’ve got plenty!  You can get a toddler ladybug costume; either make your little one into a dumpy, round little bug, or your older light-footed toddler into a wingsy, fairy-style ladybug. You could do a toddler monkey costume; your toddler may well be a monkey anyway, so why not dress him like one? A Cinderella toddler costume is perfect for a little girl who has been dreaming she is Cinderella ever since watching the movie. 

A toddler fairy costume or a toddler angel costume are two more favorites among light-footed, dreamy little girls. A laughy, rambunctious toddler would have lots of fun with a toddler kitty cat costume or bumble bee toddler costume. 

A little boy who loves adventure could wear a toddler pirate costume.  Hi ho, hi ho, and pieces of eight! What could be more fun than strutting around with one wooden leg, a patch over one eye, and a dagger at the hip?

Those are favorites, but they’re not all you’ve got to choose from—no, not by a very long shot! There is an enormous variety in the costumes infants toddlers and  preschoolers wear, and you whatever you end up deciding on will likely be perfect for your little one.  

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