Toddler Furniture: Where to Start

Toddler furniture is an enormous topic. Special furniture for your kid may not be one of the essentials of life, but it is the norm for most western families with little people, and certainly helps to make things simpler, both for the small person and his or her parents. Below are a few tips to make help you to decide what's needed.

The First Pieces of Toddler Furniture

When your little guy or girl is still small, the toddler crib and toddler changing table are almost the center of life. Add to that a toddler high chair for meals, and you’ve got the basic bodily functions all covered. Of course, basics aren’t everything, and you’re likely to want lots of cute toddler bedroom furniture as well, and playroom essentials like toddler tables and chairs. Many parents also choose to buy some extras. Things like:

can help keep your child contained and entertained...


As your child grows, so will his needs. You’ll find yourself switching out the toddler crib for something from the line of kids toddler beds or a regular twin bed with toddler bed rails. The good news is there isn’t such a thing as a unique toddler mattress—the same mattress your little guy used in his crib will work in any standard toddler bed. 

Then he’ll get potty trained, and the toddler changing table will become old hat. Instead, you need a toddler toilet—or rather, several! You can still decide whether or not to put him in the toddler bath or let him use the big bath tub, but he’s still a pretty little person, so the toddler bath may be appropriate for quite a while.

Sometimes we’re tempted to buy cheap when it comes to toddler items—after all, it won’t be long before they’re outgrown. But toddlers are rough on their furniture, and though you won’t want to spend a fortune, it is generally a good idea to buy toddler furniture that is built well, of quality material. You can always pass them down to a cousin, friend, or younger sibling.  Besides, it’s no fun to look at junk.

Fun Choices in Furniture

Once you’ve decided to buy some decent quality stuff that looks nice, you’ve got fun choices to make in the kids furniture division. Do you want an infant to toddler rocker your child can use from the time he’s tiny up till preschool, or would you rather have a classic wooden toddler rocking chair? Where will your child sit when watching Saturday morning cartoons—a toddler bean bag chair? What about craft time--what kind of toddler table and chair set best meets your needs?. 

One nice option is the Kidkraft Nantucket toddler table, but you have a lot of choices. 

There are even more choices when it comes to toddler room décor. Is a Kidkraft Tiffany toddler side table appropriate for your child, or is that really overdoing it? What atmosphere do you want in your little one’s special bedroom?

Don’t stress—furniture shopping for your little toddler can be great fun. Even more fun is putting together the pieces you’ve selected to make the perfect haven for your little son or daughter. 

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