Toddler Footwear

How many types of toddler footwear do you have? How many pairs does your toddler have? Footwear for toddlers is a big topic, and it has to be, because there are so many different types of shoes, boots, and sandals for different weather, different environments, and different purposes.

Deciding what to buy your toddler is, in part, putting your own priorities in order. You need to figure out what is necessary, what would be nice, and what your toddler won’t even have much of a chance to use before he outgrows it. 

Keeping Your Toddler’s Feet Happy Everyday

Toddler shoes for everyday might be anything—some parents prefer to keep their little people in Nike toddler shoes, others are all for toddler crocs for everyday. Skechers toddlers wear are another popular choice for ordinary, everyday shoes.  Some toddlers won’t go anywhere without their toddler cowboy boots on. The type of shoe you choose will depend on many factors.  Some of them will be:

• The impression you want your toddler to give,

• Your own definition of comfort,

• Your local weather

If you’ve got a rainy season, toddler rain boots are almost an essential purchase. It’s not fair to keep your toddler home everytime the ground is wet, and if you send him out in his sneakers they’ll be ruined in no time—and his feet will be constantly wet.  For fall and winter, little girls enjoy strutting about in toddler girls boots, and when the snow falls you’ll need a good sturdy pair of toddler snow boots as well. You may even want to get a pair of toddler uggs for your little one. 

Little girls often appreciate the opportunity to dress up, and toddler girls dress shoes will give your small daughter the opportunity to do just that. Of course, you need to make sure your little girl’s dress shoes still give her developing feet plenty of flexibility and support: on a special page we’ve discussed how to do just that. 

Toddler Footwear for Special Activities

What else is there? Plenty more. For indoors, you may well want to look at slippers for toddlers and get a pair of toddler slippers that will keep your toddler comfy and warm however cold and inclement the floors may become. If your little girl is into dance, she’ll want a pair of ballet shoes toddler sized. Ballet shoes are another option for light indoor slippers.

Then there are shoes for special outdoor activities—toddler water shoes for the beach, pool, or water park, toddler iceskates for the skating rink, and toddler roller skates for enjoying the sidewalks and parks near your own home. None of these are necessary; but, if you both buy them and give your child plenty of opportunities to use them, they can certainly add a new dimension to your child’s walking life. 

Got all that? Anything more where footwear is concerned? Well, no parent will forget to keep their toddler’s drawers full of toddler socks. Quality toddler socks can make your child’s comfortable footwear more comfortable still, and are your ally in keeping your little guy or girl’s feet well and happy. No blisters for your little one! 

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