Toddler Health

Toddler health is an enormous topic, and you’ve been training in it ever since your child graduated from babyhood into the toddler years. Even before that, in fact; as much of what you’ve learned in your child’s first year can be extended to toddler years, with some variations and differences. 

Dealing With Sickness

What are the big struggles in toddler health? One thing that worries many parents is toddler fever; high fevers can be dangerous, but mild fevers are a normal part of ordinary childhood illness. Whenever your child has a fever, you’ll want to encourage him to rest and monitor carefully with a thermometer so that it stays within safe limits. Unchecked high fevers can lead to seizures and brain damage, so it’s no light matter.

Not everything is so cut and dry, and not all toddler sicknesses are so easy to treat. Take toddler constipation or toddler eczema, for instance. Both of these are problems that tend to be chronic, and many toddler mom and dads have gone through all the parenting books trying in vain to find cures for them. There is certainly lots you can do to alleviate the problem, but no magic one-size-fit-all pills. Every child is different. Some children experience toddler constipation as the result of toddler food allergies, for instance, while for others, it is more directly related to eating too little fiber, or perhaps too much. 

Dealing With Disorders

ADHD in toddlers and autism in toddlers are two more difficult topics. These are conditions for which there honestly is no cure, but that doesn’t mean you need to sit back and let happen what will happen; pro-active parenting can help your child overcome his diagnosis and be fully who he or she is meant to be. 

Toddler Health in Daily Life

But toddler isn’t only about when your child is sick or if he or she is diagnosed with some special condition. Child health is part of everday life. You’ll be teaching your child how to brush his teeth as part of toddler dental health. You’ll be taking his weight and measurements regularly to be sure he is growing adequately, and perhaps even plotting it on a toddler growth chart. You’ll be  working on toddler nutrition three to five times a day, every day; because toddler food and toddler sleep are two big keys to toddler health.  There are three cornerstones to this building you’re building:

Toddler Eating

Toddler Sleep

Toddler Play

Toddler play is child exercise, and it also is your toddler’s favorite way to learn and discover new things. 

Good habits set now will help your child through life. Whether you’re encouraging him to brush his teeth in an effort to avoid toddler bad breath, giving him fiber-rich breakfasts to avoid toddler constipation, or encouraging lots of outdoor play to give his ADHD an outlet, healthy habits begun in toddlerhood will lead to a healthy child, a healthy teen, and finally a healthy adult. 

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