Choosing an Ideal Toddler Bed

Time for a toddler bed! Junior’s too independent for his crib now, but still looks dwarfed if he lies down in a big twin bed. The new bed is the ideal transitional piece; it’s the same size as a crib, so you get to use the old mattress rather than buying a brand new toddler mattress; but it offers independence to your growing toddler at the same time as making sure he sleeps safe. 

The fun thing about shopping for kids beds is that there are so many choices.  It’s as if the furniture designers were given a blank check with creativity when they designed these little beds. Maybe it’s because they’re so small, they can be fun and funky without it costing all that much.

Narrowing Down your Choices

When you first start looking for a transition bed for your kid, you’ll want to narrow down your choices. Does your child roll all over the place when he’s sleeping and need nice high sides, or will a little ledge be enough for him? Do you want something you can keep using for siblings to follow, or will toddler #1 be the one and only? Is money no object, or do you nee a cheap bed?

There’s lots to think about. A Little Tikes bed won’t be cheap, but it will last forever and then some, and be double-cute to boot. There are toddler beds for boys and for girls, but if you want to use a bed for future siblings and your home isn’t all blue or all pink, you may want to buy something with more of a co-ed design.  A simple sleigh bed can fit in with almost any décor; or take a no-nonsense style like the Kidkraft Modern bed. Two siblings can also share a toddler bunk bed; keep the smaller one on the lower bunk. 

A Toddler Bed with Character

The bed you buy can set the theme for your child’s nursery or bedroom—or match the theme, if you have one going already. Many little girls would love a princess bed, but if your little one is more into barefoot exploring, perhaps a Dora the Explorer bed would be more up her alley. Some other fun beds based on specific characters are a Thomas the Train bed or a Sesame Street bed.

There’s more than just cartoon options though. You can also get toddler car beds; a race car bed, even, if your toddler is into machines that go fast. The Kidkraft firetruck toddler cot is perfect for a toddler who dreams of fighting fires someday, and if your child thinks the coolest thing in the world is sail, he’ll no doubt want to sleep in something like the Kidkraft boat toddler cot

If you don’t like too much whimsical furniture in the bedroom, a Davinci Sleigh bed is a nice, no nonsense bed with good clean lines, and it’ll complement almost any decorating scheme.  Then there’s the Oeuf Classic bed: modern, eco-friendly, and as sturdy as anything you can imagine, this is a bed that won’t look cheap anywhere. Or do something else, and get a toddler tent

Whatever bed you choose will be soon be associated with lots of special memories of toddler bedtimes. This is a phase that is over quickly, so cherish it while it lasts!

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