Your Toddler Girls Clothing

What does your toddler girls clothing look like? Is she a pink-and-more-pink girly girl, or a small tomboy who has more worn jeans than pretty dresses? Does she live for dressing up for church Sunday morning, or is there nothing harder than to get her into any type of formal attire? There’s no one right way to furnish your toddler’s wardrobe; the important thing is that she has plenty of comfortable, flexible clothing that she can play freely in, and let your taste and her own preferences dictate the rest.

Toddler Clothes for Dress Up Times

For example, a little girl into dance will need ballet shoes toddler sized and leotards for toddlers, but those are purchases you can skip if our little daughter has neither interest or proclivity in that direction. If your daughter is going to be flower girl in a wedding, you’ll be looking at toddler flower girl dresses; but otherwise Easter dresses for toddlers are as fancy as you’ll want to get. Most dresses for toddlers should be less elaborate; comfortable and easy to play in. 

Your Little Toddler Girls Clothing and Summer Fun

If you have a pool in the backyard or live near the beach, toddler swimsuits may be a major component of your daughter’s summer wardrobe.  But if your water adventures consist of one once-a-summer outing to the beach or water park, you’re likely to just need one, and store it somewhere in the back of a drawer. It’s all about lifestyle. 

Every little girl needs lots of very simple play dresses for the summer, but cotton shorts and t-shirts are important too. Make sure that whatever you buy for your daughter in the summer is light and breathable.  Everyday clothing should hide stains, so she won’t have to worry about playing in the dirt, and it should also be easily washable. 

Winter Wardrobe Items for Little Girls

Toddler tights are important for little girls who wear dresses in winter; unless you prefer toddler leggings, which can be worn under dresses or on their own. A toddler skirt can be nice over leggings, too.

But winter is usually a time for pants and warmer tops; turtlenecks are good, or cotton long sleeved shirts in various knit materials. Don’t overdo thick clothing; it’s usually better to layer a number of thinner clothing items then to put on one thick piece. The air trapped between every item of clothing provides insulation, and layering also means your daughter can take off what she needs to if she ends up being warm. 

What about sweaters? Although knit sweaters look classic, fleece often does better in the wash and is soft and warm to boot. A couple of fleece sweaters, perhaps with zippers down the front for easy off and on, will keep your daughter warm on the chilliest of autumn days and during not-so-cold winter times. Of course, if you live in a cold climate, toddler winter coats are something that can’t be skipped.  Paired with some toasty toddler snow boots, that winter coat will free your daughter to go anywhere. Let it snow!

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