Christmas Toys for Toddlers

Do you decorate your homes with Christmas toys for toddlers? It’s a fun tradition; to have some special toys that are just brought out for the holiday season. You unpack them at the same time you decorate the house; they add to the spirit of festivity at Christmas time, and when the tree gets packed away (and your child is busy with his Christmas presents) they get put away, all ready to be taken out next year.

Types of Christmas Toys for Toddlers:

  • Santa
  • North Pole,
  • Christmas train themes
  • Nativity Sets
  • Advent Calendars

Here we’ll look at one group of favorite Christmas toys for toddlers; toys that your toddler should be able to enjoy through several toddler seasons and which are high quality enough to become a kind of ‘family heirloom’ as well, to be enjoyed by future siblings and, twenty years down the line, future grandchildren.

Santa Themed Playmobil Fun

Playmobil Christmas Sleigh

A super-high-quality, favorite toy that invites both toddlers and older children into imaginative role-play is Play Mobil. Playmobil has more than one special Christmas toy that your toddler will enjoy playing with, and that he won’t outgrow in a hurry either; so you’ll be able to make enough of a collection that your child will have plenty to get to excited about when it’s time to unpack the Christmas goodies.  There’s Santa’s Home at the North Pole, a cozy little house with an attic and front patio, where Santa can make warm wood fires in his hearth, work on the toys he’s preparing, or chat with an elf and a snowman.  But Santa also needs a sleigh, or how will he deliver the presents on Christmas eve? Happily, Playmobil has one ready to deliver: a  Christmas Sleigh drawn by reindeer, full of presents, and another Santa figure along with a little angel helper (yes, you’ll have two Santas; you can always put one away in case the first one gets lost ). 

Where will Santa bring his gifts when he delivers them with that sled on Christmas Eve? Well, there’s a Christmas Room just waiting for him, complete with  furniture, a Christmas tree, a Christmas wreath and candles, and a mother, son, and dog. More presents come in this set; you’ll probably want to cart them away to Santa’s North Pole first so they can be piled on the others in the sled and delivered by chimney on the great day.

Playmobil is fine for older toddlers; it does have some small parts that could pose a hazard for the smallest little people, who still put things in their mouths. But they don’t have to be left out of the fun. Playmobil 1-2-3 is playmobil that is chunkier, with no small parts, but that is still compatible with the standard sets. And there’s a Playmobil 1-2-3 Santa Sleigh that’s perfect for any child from eight or ten months up; no choking hazards whatsoever. 

Nativity Sets for Your Toddler’s Christmas

Playmobil Nativity Set

If you’d to have a Nativity theme rather than Santa for your Christmas toys for toddlers, Playmobil doesn’t leave you out in the cold. You can choose between a very elaborate Nativity Set in standard playmobil; with five figures, three animals, a stable and lots of accessories, or a smaller but choking-danger-free set of Playmobil 123  for younger toddlers. If you’re doing regular playmobil, you may also want to add the Three Kings (sold separately) to your nativity set. The shepherds come with the initial box. 

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