Create A Reward Chart For Potty Training

by Pam
(Buffalo NY)

I know that not everyone believes in rewarding their children for what they should be learning on their own, but if you are a parent who is looking to reward your child, i.e., offer an incentive, then you might want to create a reward chart.

There are of course many ways to do this, but I will share my example, maybe you will like it or it will inspire your own potty time reward chart.
My reward chart was very simple. I created an excel spreadsheet with my child's name on the top and a title, like potty time or name went potty. Then I created two rows with 10 boxes each. The first row had the numbers 1 - 10 and the second were empty. Every time my child went potty they got to put a star (sticker) in the empty box. Once they reached 10 stars they could turn the sheet in for a prize.

As far as prizes you can either go with prizes with value, like small toys or games or the prize can be a favorite activity or something special.
For instance you may choose prizes like dolls, cars, games, markets, coloring books or activity books. Or the prizes could be things like playing a family board game, sharing an ice cream sundae, picking a movie at the video store, getting an extra bedtime story or taking a bubble bath for an extra long time.

Once your child is completely potty trained you may want to offer a bigger prize such as a toy they have been asking for or a trip to go bowling or play mini-golf.

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Great Idea!! NEW
by: Harry Joel

This could actually motivate the child to a higher level. I have also tried to senior living las vegas do this and it really did work for me. They will try their best. And only when they push their limits will they know their true potential.

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by: Gilbert

The method looking easy and simple but I found it bit difficult in making my kids get used to the chart. Later I had to essay writing service to know more on how to make user-friendly to my toddlers.

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