Discount Toddler Shoes

Our toddlers go through shoes so quickly discount toddler shoes are always the best way to go. If you buy full-price you’ll pay a fortune just in keeping your little one’s feet in shoes. It seems you’ve just bought a new pair, but already they are too small. Toddler’s little feet grow like nothing else. 

There’s nothing mean or stingy about looking for bargains; it’s just good stewardship. Money you don’t spend buying expensive shoes can be spent on something else instead; perhaps something more useful.

Your Guide to Shopping for Discount Toddler Shoes

Where can you find cheap and discounted toddler shoes? Everywhere, if you keep your eyes open! Here are some places to start looking.

Clearance racks at your favorite clothing or shoe stores are a good place to start.   Think ahead, and look not only for shoes that will fit right now but also for what is available on sale two or three sizes down the line. Winter shoes are often on  the clearance rack at the end of winter, and summer shoes at the end of summer; if you buy now in the size your child will need next season you can save a lot of money.

Online bargain finders like Zulily bring limited time offers to you in the convenience of your home.  These are especially good if you want your child to dress in style but don’t want to pay the big bucks: Zulily has fresh ‘flash deals’  in women and children’s wear from the big brands every day.  Other “flash sale” websites which promote children’s products are Gilt and Hautelook.

Ebay and are also good places to find bargains: since their catalogues are huge and you can order your search results from lowest to highest price, you can uncover some very good discount toddler shoes with no leg work at all.

Outlet stores are another valuable source  for discount toddler shoes—but do  your homework, as some outlet stores price their shoes at the same price you’d get them anywhere else. Check the clearance and discount racks at your favorite outlet store, too.

Thrift stores often carry high quality, lightly used shoes with a very cheap price tag. Since toddlers grow so fast, they don’t wear their shoes out before they outgrow them, and you’ll have more success at finding ‘almost new’ shoes in the toddler section than any other.  If you’re worried about germs you can always throw them in your washing machine before putting them on your toddler.

Stretching the Shoe Budget

What else can you do to stretch your shoe budget? Buy just one pair of high quality shoes in each size, since your toddler will go through them so fast. When the growth slows down and she begins to stay in one size a little longer it’ll be time enough to work on a shoe collection which allows her to express her mood and style.

Take care of your shoes; if they get wet, get them dried off right away; if they get dirty, clean them up. Even if your toddler outgrows them before they get worn, someone else will appreciate the care you took.

If you are planning have more than one child, buy high quality toddler shoes in gender-neutral colors so that you can pass them down to a younger sibling.

Have fun shoe shopping!  I hope these tips help.

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