Fisher Price Brilliant Stack and Roll

I like the Fisher Price Brilliant Stack and Roll Cups it can be repurposed to a hundred different uses. My toddler is ingenious, and if there’s a new way to use a toy, he’s sure to find it. That’s why Fisher Price Brilliant Stack and Roll Cups one of my favorite toys—they’ve been designed with several different play options in mind, and they are so open-ended your toddler should be able to find even more uses for them!

Fisher Price Brilliant Stack and Roll Cups

A Thousand Uses for One Set of Cups

To begin with, this is a set of nesting cups: your toddler will discover that if he or she puts them in order, they all fit beautifully inside each other and hardly take any space. The right sequence is color coded with Roy G Biv; the colors of the rainbow we all learned in elementary school. Your toddler is getting a sneak peak of his later science lessons.

When he’s bored of nesting, what can your toddler do? Turn the cups upside down, and, starting from the other direction, build a tower! It’s a fun tower that with a little round yellow rattle head for the cusp. 

When stacking the eleven pieces becomes old hat, you can show your toddler how two bowls will fit together to make a fun plastic ball; a ball that you and your toddler can roll here, there and everywhere. In fact, you can make five balls, and if you put the round rattle head into one of them, that turns into a rattle. Your toddler will have fun finding other toys or other household objects that fit inside his balls, too.

Your toddler won’t finish there. Some days, you’ll find they’ve turned into a tea set, and an army of stuffed animals are having supper. Some days they’ll be cool hats; another day they might be a telescope or a speaking trumpet. You can also use these stack and roll cups to teach your child number, letters, and the words we use to express relative size. 

“Pro” Points for Fisher Price Brilliant Stack and Roll Cups

So, in summary, here are my main ‘pro’ points for Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Stack & Roll Cups:

  • Open-ended - encourages imaginative play
  • Both easy and challenging—There are challenges for when your toddler is feeling adventurous; easy things to do when she wants something simple.
  • Bright, primary colors—perfect for teaching
  • Durable plastic—this should last through many generations
  • Aesthetically pleasing and fun—and packs small!

The “Con” for Fisher Price Brilliants

Does this set have any cons? Although users are overwhelmingly positive about this toy, there are a few negative remarks. For one thing, if you put all the pieces together to make one ball, they are very hard to take apart again. Usually putting a finger in each hole and pulling gently apart is enough, but if yours is particularly stiff you might be stuck having to bring out a butter knife to pry the balls open. They become more flexible with use. 

The pieces also need to stack together when your toddler makes his tower, and this takes a bit of force. It can be a positive challenge for your toddler, or it can simply be frustration. 

The other problem is the problem with many Fisher Price toys: this stacker set does not seem to be BPA free. While Fisher Price does certainly follow US safety regulations, if you are trying to be careful over which plastics you expose your child to you may want to buy another stacker. 

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