Girls Night Out For Parenting Relief

by Julie Hunter

A great tip is to plan a night out with all of your friends. You can go to dinner, the movies or else just meet at someone's house and talk. (It is wonderful to have an uninterrupted conversation with an adult. You know the one where you don't have to get up and potty someone or else go get a cup of juice or snack... etc. etc. you understand Moms. Make it for a set day each month, even if it is only just a couple of hours. It can be so refreshing.

My friends and I do this and it is so much Fun to have something to look forward to. Our wonderful husbands will watch the kids and it works out great! Plan to reciprocate for the guys. Encourage Dads to do the same with their friends each month. They can go golfing, or watch a game together or whatever they like. Both parents deserve a time to just chill out and renew themselves. I feel that it is a selfless act to take a night out and it also helps you to be a better parent.

P.S. Thanks for your site. Now I am going to become a Work At Home Mom too! I am so excited. Thanks for the information on how I can do my own website.

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Thanks for the tip
by: Tami

I'm not married, so I don't have a husband to watch the kids. However I do need to make more time for myself.

Thanks again

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