Jenny Lind Toddler Bed

A Jenny Lind toddler bed is a toddler bed that begins as something else—a crib for a baby.  When baby starts walking, talking, and craving independence, it converts smoothly into a nice toddler bed that gives your child the new mobility that is important at this stage.

When the Jenny Lind Toddler Bed is a Crib…

A simple Jenny Lind toddler bed

When this toddler bed is a crib it’s a simple, vintage-style  fixed-sided crib made of sturdy, sustainably grown New Zealand pine. There are three possible mattress heights; put the mattress up for a newborn for easy access, and lower it down  before baby learns to pull himself up or crawl. An older baby should have the mattress at its lowest setting for safety; when he no longer needs the restrain it’s time to do the conversion.

The crib comes in five color options. Choose between:

·         white,

·         cherry

·         ebony

·         lagoon

·         sunshine

The finishes are non-toxic, and the bed meets ASTM safety standards.


Other features? There are casters that you can either use or not; if you choose to put them on, you’ll be able to wheel your crib wherever you want it without straining your back. Although it is hard wood, the crib itself is only 45.5 pounds  in weight, so it won’t ever be one of most unwieldy pieces of furniture.



Most parents choose this crib because it is an attractive, classic-looking, fairly sturdy crib at a budget-friendly price, and because it has the potential to be used for an extended number of years.

When your toddler is ready to move on…

When your toddler is ready for a bed rather than a crib all you need to do is remove one side rail, and you get a beautiful toddler sized day bed for your little one. If he still thrashes about in his sleep and might be in danger of rolling off the toddler bed when the side is open, you can also make it into a full-scale toddler bed with a half side rail; all you need to buy is the conversion kit. This conversion kit is just a toddler bed rail, which screws on with four screws and can be installed in all of ten minutes. It only comes in three color options: white, cherry, and ebony, so if you bought your original crib in lagoon or sunshine you’re out of luck. Neither of those colors will bad with a white bed rail though.


Jenny Lind Conversion Kit

You should be aware your toddler can still fall out of the bed when the toddler rail is on—it’s not a full rail; it only goes halfway in order to give your child an easy way in or out. However, if your child is positioned appropriately at bedtime, it will probably be enough to keep him in his place.  If not, he may not be ready to transition to a toddler bed at all. The overall height, where there is a rail, is 13.34 inches.


That’s the Jenny Lind toddler bed—a sturdy crib your toddler will be able to use till preschool age. It may not be perfect, but it’s definitely worth what you pay for it.


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