Kidkraft Firetruck Toddler Cot

Goodnight, fireman! But with the Kidkraft Firetruck Toddler Cot, your child can still feel like a hero even when he’s dropping of to sleep. 

It’s time to move your child to a toddler bed, and you are faced with more choices than you ever knew existed for something as simple as a bed. Toddler beds are small  and lightweight, and as they are meant for the most imaginative among us—little people between two and five--- they come in the most imaginative, whimsical designs possible. Your child can sleep in a pirate boat, on an airplane, or in a tent bed. There are beds to go with nearly every movie that was ever popular among little people; and then, for the minimalist parents among us, basic cot-style wooden beds too.

Kidkraft Firetruck Toddler Cot


Your Child’s Toddler Bed

But if your toddler is enthused by all things fire-station, fireman and fire-truck related, there may be no better bed for him than the Kidkraft Firetruck Toddler Cot.  This is a toddler-safe, low to the ground toddler bed in firetruck guise: the windshield is at his feet, and when he lies in bed, two ladders make the two siderails which help keep him from rolling out in his sleep.  The sides of the bed are painted with fun firetruck detailed: your child’s engine is engine number 7. 

This Kidkraft firetruck toddler bed is made of MDF and Rubberwood, and is 42 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 4.75 inches high.  Like almost all toddler beds, it fits a standard crib mattress.   It comes in pieces, needing assembly; but the pieces are well-labeled, the instructions decent, and assembling it should be quite straightforward. 

It is meant for a toddler, and just a toddler; but you should be able to sit or lie down with your child to read a bed time story, and there shouldn’t be a problem if several children are up there playing fire truck. The manufactured wood is fairly sturdy, and the design sound. 

After You’ve Bought the Kidkraft Firetruck Toddler Cot…

Kidkraft’s Fire Hydrant Bed Side Table

When you’ve bought your child a Kidkraft Firetruck Toddler Cot, what else can you buy to spiffy up his room?  If your toddler likes to have a glass of water and a midnight snack within reaching distance and the built-in shelf isn’t cutting it, you may want a nightstand.   There’s no nightstand that will fit the bed better than Kidkraft’s fire hydrant bed side table-- a little table with a built in drawer, just the small size to fit your toddler’s small sized bed.

Kidkraft Firehouse Bookshelf

If your toddler is a reader—or even if he isn’t—he may also enjoy a firetruck bookshelf, and here again Kidkraft has you covered. The Kidkraft Firehouse Bookshelf has some very fun details, like a bell at the top and a closed garage, and is near-ideal toddler sized; the top is probably about his height. The one non-ideal thing is that there isn’t any shelf tall enough to fit his oversized picturebooks, but you can always lay them horizontally on a bottom shelf.  

Have fun raising your fireman-hero!

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