Marine Baby :)

by Tasha Wiggins
(29 Palms California)

I got pregnant with my son right before my husband deployed to Iraq he missed my whole pregnancy, after his return he got leave and came home to Ohio and we got married April 3rd 2010. The next weekend i went into labor On April 9th my son arrived April 10th he was 5 weeks premature but if he hadn't decided to make his arrival early my husband would of missed his birth because he got deployment papers to deploy May 1st and my due date wasn't till May 12th. It was a miracle my son was healthy weighed 5 pound 5 ounces. He got to meet his daddy for a few days before the Marine Corps made him return to California. My son is now almost 8 months old and finally has been just reunited with his daddy. My son is a miracle, a blessing. Being a Marine wife is not easy but i am so lucky to have such a brave husband who fights for our freedom. I am lucky to have such a wonderful father to our son. I'm lucky to be in love with a amazing guy. We have another deployment coming up in 2011 i cant say Bryson and I are prepared but we are so lucky to have such a brave man in our life's.


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