Milania Smit 4 Years Old

by Heloise Smit

Milania is a very happy, bubbly and busy 4 year old. She loves adventure and fun but is always caring about everyone. What really stands out is her creative personality that sparkles each day.

We are so blessed to have a wonderful little girl who loves to dazzle us with her innocent and funny sayings.

She really loves her grandparents and always want to visit somebody.
Her favourite hobby is art. She is always drawing and painting and use lots of detail in every drawing.
She is also a storyteller and loves make believe and fairy tales. Her world is full of magic, laughter, creativity and learning. Never a dull moment with our precious little girl.

When it comes to food her mommy is really proud to say that she loves healthy foods and whole foods like fruit and veggies(especially raw), also on her list is yogurt and she know that drinking water is the best for her. Her favouritee food is avo, eggs, apples and tomato’s.

She loves spending her afternoons with her little dog Lilo. They grew up together and is best friends. Her love for animals is very nurturing and she loves horseback riding so much.

The day Milania joined my world I became a mother of this amazing little person who really taught me about what the world really means.

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she is cute!!!!
by: Anonymous


Milania Smit NEW
by: expert writing help service

Youngsters obviously enjoy artwork – piece of art, attracting, doing tunes, the actual cinema. Sad to say, as soon as colleges minimize costs, the actual disciplines are often the 1st to look. It would appear that colleges don't enjoy benefit associated with artwork within constructing a kid’s mind.

Shes Almost Not Even A Kid Anymore NEW
by: Anonymous

Its Crazy To Think She's Almost 12 Now. I Hope She Is Still In That Creative Bubbly Phase ^^

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