Minnie Mouse Costume Toddler

Are you looking for a Minnie Mouse costume toddler can wear?  With those big black ears, a cute little nose, and a frilly red and white polka dot dress, Minnie Mouse is one Disney innovation that never gets old. And the Minnie Mouse effect goes best with little people: toddler-hood is the prime time to dress your little girl up as Minnie Mouse, though she’ll be able to pull off the look on into her early elementary years.

The Basics in Minnie Mouse Costume Toddler Wears

What are the key things to keep in line when sorting through a list of Minnie Mouse costume toddler wears? You want to find something:

• That fits well: nothing looks quite as cute if it’s much too tight or sagging

• That’s durable: if it looks well on her, you’ll want to put the outfit on your toddler again and again. Get something that’s meant for more than a once-in-a-lifetime Halloween night; preferably, something that washes. 

• That’s well rated: if other parents like it, there is more chance you will like it as well. 

A typical Minnie Mouse costume toddler wears consists of a headband with two round black ears and a “Minnie Mouse dress”: puffed sleeves, black bodice, and red skirt with white polka dots. This is the classic look, but there’s more than one variation on this theme. 

Here we’ll provide reviews on some of the top rated Amazon Minnie Mouse toddler costumes, and help you find the perfect one for your little girl.

Minnie Mouse Toddler Costumes on Amazon

Disney Minnie Mouse Infant Costume

Your first impulse might be to go with a Disney costume; and those available online are the Disney Minnie Mouse Infant Costume (for a little toddler; up to eighteen months) or the Disney Minnie Mouse Classic, which comes in sizes 3T/4T as well as many other children’s sizes. This is the classic Minnie Mouse costume toddler wears, but it can’t be called durable, by any stretch of the imagination. Both costumes look pretty in the picture, but parents report that ‘in real life’ they look much more like dollar store costumes than what you would want to  order online: flimsy, poorly made, and of super-thin material. Still, if you only want it for a one-time wear it may work for you: the designs are nice, and they are the ‘real thing’; sponsored by Disney, and with the official stamp upon them. 

Disney Minnie Mouse Classic

Want our recommendation? Skip Disney this time, and go with a non-official “Minnie Mouse Inspired Tutu Dress” which is much higher quality, much more comfortable for our toddler, and much prettier to look at too! The only thing “wrong” about this Fashion Kids costume is the ears: rather than your traditional black ears, topped by a red polka dot bow, this costume comes with a headband that has two smaller red and white polka dot ears. If this doesn’t bother you, you have it made. If you’d rather go traditional, get a Disney Minnie Mouse headband separately and pair it with this dress. Your daughter is almost certain to have the nicest Minnie Mouse outfit of anyone else on the street, and she’ll be more comfortable too. 

Minnie Mouse Inspired Tutu Dress

Your Minnie Mouse Costume toddler wears doesn’t have to be a rag bag by the time the party is over—buy a quality outfit instead, and have something she can enjoy over and over again. 

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